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Ashiq MK is in Delhi , India
Paulo Nunes dos S... is in Dublin , Ireland
Eric Bladholm is in zagreb , Croatia
Callaghan Walsh is in Hong Kong , Hong Kong
Brian Cassey is in Napranum , Australia
Fixer Service Prague is in Prague , Czech Republic
Aubrey Wade is in London , United Kingdom
Brian Page is in Atlanta, Georgia , United States
Upcoming Events
August 30   Need A Fixer In Athens
September 1   Fixer In Paris
September 3   Perpignan Rideshare
September 5   Michael Ackerman Workshop. ...
September 6   Need Fixer In Bolivia
September 10   Travel To Latvia
September 16   Looking For A Fixer In Hong...
September 19   Photographer In Peru September

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Fixer In Paris by NATHALIA WATKINS about 11 hours ago by NATHALIA WATKINS
Fixer Service Prague by Fixer Service Prague about 17 hours ago
Fixer Istanbul by Tyson Fast 2 days ago
Fixer In Lebanon by Neca Dantas 3 days ago by Ahmed Seddik
Fixer Needed For Calcutta India by nancy hano 3 days ago
James Foley Remembered by teru kuwayama 4 days ago by Morteza Nikoubazl
Fixer/Translator In Ghana by sulley lansah 4 days ago
Fixer In Shanghai by Mustafah Abdulaziz 4 days ago
Photojournalist In Iran by Morteza Nikoubazl 4 days ago
Fixer From Nepal by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha) 4 days ago by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha)
Hungry For Field Experience by Sarah Jones 5 days ago
Looking For Translator In South West Yunnan by Bryan 5 days ago
Photo Feed Back West Africa by Aissatou 6 days ago
Fixer Maluku Province, Indonesia by Erol Eriksson 6 days ago by good fixer
Photographer In Peru September by Cameron McIntyre 7 days ago by marco simola
Need Fixer In Jamaica by Sarah Lang 8 days ago
Any Assignment ? by yoko montero 8 days ago
Photographing Police by Richard Lord 8 days ago
Fixer In Bangladesh by Roni 8 days ago by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha)
Photojournalist Now by Hernan Zenteno 9 days ago
Seeking A Fixer In Detroit by emin altan 9 days ago
Simone Camilli Remembered by teru kuwayama 11 days ago
Fixer In Banda Aceh by Christoph Mack 11 days ago by Ruly Mahessa
Looking For A Fixer/Journalist In Banda Aceh by Matilde Gattoni 11 days ago by Ruly Mahessa
Fixer In Java by Michael 11 days ago by Ruly Mahessa
Looking For Website Feedback by Benjamin Dunn 11 days ago by lucy222
Hire Me For Fixer, Interpreter Or Correspondence News In ... by yoko montero 11 days ago by lucy222
Fixer In Mexico by Luis 11 days ago
Looking For A Drone Photog In Peru by Jon Golden 11 days ago
Sabi Janifar Vimiesh by gary dwight miller 12 days ago
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