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Tatyana Skoryh is in Simferopol , Ukraine
Tatyana Skoryh is in Simferopol , Ukraine
Klaudia Lech is in Beijing , China
Giovanni Tetti is in Praha , Czech Republic
Peter Scheid is in Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam
Mie Brinkmann is in Copenhagen , Denmark
Michele Morosi is in Milano , Italy
Robert Goddyn is in The Hague , Netherlands
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Local Video Assistant Pushkar Fair by Harry Fisch about 5 hours ago by ANURAG ANAND
India Journalist Visa by Susannah Ireland about 5 hours ago by ANURAG ANAND
Fixer Required For Crimea Region by Mark Win about 5 hours ago by Tatyana Skoryh
Fixer Need Crimea by Kerem Yucel about 5 hours ago by Tatyana Skoryh
Fixer In Crimea, Ukraine by Kyrre Lien about 5 hours ago by Tatyana Skoryh
Fixer Needed For Calcutta India by nancy hano about 7 hours ago by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha)
Photographing In Myanmar. by Sergio Leyva Seiglie 1 day ago by Jonathan Adams
Cambodian Photography Project Exhibit by PJ Heller 2 days ago
Fixer In Bangladesh by Roni 3 days ago by Roni
Call For Entries: Microfinance Photography Contest by Michael Rizzo 3 days ago
Fixer Kenya Uganda by Xavier Mas de Xaxas 3 days ago by Lameck Nyagudi
Looking For Photographic Assignment by Naukr 4 days ago by Gabriel Melo
Photographers Needed Around New Zealand by kristin 4 days ago by Terry Sebastian
Iraqi Kurdistan by Emmanuel Smague 4 days ago
Believe Or Not by yoko montero 7 days ago
Fixer From Nepal by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha) 7 days ago
Cairo Producer by Ahmed Seddik 7 days ago
Room In Nyc by Kobi Wolf 7 days ago
Fixer/Translator In Tanzania/Zanzibar by ebby shaban abdallah 8 days ago
Looking For A Sublet New York by Laia Abril 10 days ago
Contractor Plane From Bagram Afghanistan To Dubai, Uae Fo... by Todd Carson 11 days ago by teru kuwayama
Fixer In Romania: Offering Services by Calin Cosmaciuc 12 days ago
Internet Everywhere by Simon LETELLIER 13 days ago
Website Has Been Updated by Farhad Babaei 13 days ago
Photography Reality Show | History Channel by Justin Mott 13 days ago
Fixer In Switzerland by Susan Seubert 14 days ago by Filipa Soares
Fixer In Paris by NATHALIA WATKINS 14 days ago by Filipa Soares
Need Somali Fixer In Istanbul by Jared Katz 14 days ago by Altug Isler
Looking For Travel & Editorial Photographs Of Peru? by Cameron McIntyre 15 days ago
Fixer/ Research Coordinator For India by yusuf khurram 15 days ago
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