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Stephen Swofford is in Moscow , Russia
Stephen Swofford is in Moscow , Russia
Oksana Yushko is in Kiev , Ukraine
Tri Saputro is in Kupang , Indonesia
Neca Dantas is in Beirut , Lebanon
Neca Dantas is in Beirut , Lebanon
Nick St.Oegger is in Oaxaca , Mexico
Peter Scheid is in Bangkok , Thailand
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Fixer Banda Aceh by Benjamin 1 day ago by Ruly Mahessa
Who Pays Photographers, Rate Guide by John Louis Lassen Perry 2 days ago by Laura Larmo
Fixer In Turkey by Kadri 3 days ago
Skype Arabic Tutor by Ahmed Seddik 4 days ago
India Journalist Visa by Susannah Ireland 5 days ago by Uday Sripathi
Looking For A Fixer In London by Uday Sripathi 5 days ago
Libya by Doug Thacker 5 days ago by Doug Thacker
Photojournalist Risk Asssessment by John Louis Lassen Perry 5 days ago by Hernan Zenteno
Carried To Palace by yoko montero 5 days ago
Fixer Appalachia by Richard Lord 6 days ago
Call For Entries: 2014 Activist Awards $15,000 Grand Prize by Nathan Dalton 6 days ago
Island Photo by oskar alegria 7 days ago by Tiago Navas
Looking For Photographic Assignment by Naukr 7 days ago by Aditya Kapoor
Photographers Needed Around New Zealand by kristin 7 days ago by Ben Pipe
Fixer In Mexico City? by Chris Lewis 8 days ago by Daniela Uribe.
Fixer/Researcher Sochi, Russia by Tore Meek 8 days ago by Lesya Polyakova
Production Services In Turkey by Mert Gurel 10 days ago
Photographer/Interpreter Availability by Robert Serbinenko 10 days ago
Fixer In Cape Verde This Month by Alison McCauley 12 days ago by Alison McCauley
Fixer/ Researcher In Russia Required For Documentary by nick 12 days ago by Felix Prepare2Go
Fixer At Peru by Tasos Kapa 12 days ago by Felix Prepare2Go
Fixer Needed In Haiti by Vicente Pamparo 12 days ago by Felix Prepare2Go
Photographer Need In Liberia by Phil Ottum 13 days ago
Marrakesh Fixer by Simon Urwin 13 days ago by Ahmed Seddik
Life Framer Photography Prize 2015 by Life Framer 14 days ago
Fixer In Turkey by Kadri 14 days ago
Infos Drc/Lubumbashi by Simon LETELLIER 16 days ago
Room In London For 2 Months by Dagmar Seeland 16 days ago by Faseeh Shams
Jan Grarup Workshop In Switzerland by workshopx 17 days ago
Japan 11/11/14 06/12/14 by Giacomo Cosua 17 days ago
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