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Raffi Kirdi is in Istanbul , Turkey
John Fredricks is in California , United States
Omar is in Beirut , Lebanon
Tessa Bunney is in Vientiane , Laos
Christophe Viseux is in Johannesburg , South Africa
Rasmus Degnbol is in Delhi , India
Michael Forster R... is in Augusta, Maine , United States
Frederic Vanwalle... is in Tacloban , Philippines
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What's Happening To Our First Digital Files? by Lionel Derimais about 5 hours ago by Nigel Amies
Fixer In Jamaica by federico vespignani about 23 hours ago
Fixer Required: Niger by Johanna Gibson 1 day ago
Fixer In Tunis by Ian Kelly 2 days ago by Robert Goddyn
Fixer / Translator In Togo / Ghana West Africa by Frédéric Vedomey 2 days ago
Fixer In Bangladesh by Roni 2 days ago by Roni
Call For Submissions by Pondy ART 3 days ago
Video Portraits In India/Nepal by Jelle Van de Weghe 4 days ago by ANURAG ANAND
Fixer Needed In Kashmir And Varanasi, India by on_the_run_82 4 days ago by ANURAG ANAND
Cost Of A Fixer In Turkey by Malcolm Embree 6 days ago by edris
Turkey, Refugee Camps And Kobani by Felipe Passolas 6 days ago by edris
Fixer, Translator In Turkey Suruc by edris 6 days ago
Western Myanmar Advice/Fixer by Ben A 6 days ago by Felix Prepare2Go
Fixer In Tunis? by Ian Kelly 6 days ago by Felix Prepare2Go
Fixer Needed In Japan by Candy G 6 days ago
Getting To Lampedusa, Italy? by Mary D'Ambrosio 7 days ago by Laura Larmo
Event Photographer Needed (Low Pay) by Olli 8 days ago
The Economist Multimedia Team Looking For A Fixer In Chen... by The Economist multimedia team 9 days ago
Syrian 'Hero Boy' Video Faked... by J-F Vergel 10 days ago
Looking For Fixer In Ukraine by Hannah 12 days ago by taras
Looking For A Fixer/Translator In Jordan by Joseph Leger 12 days ago by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha)
Fixer / Translator In Medoc, France by Øyvind Næss 12 days ago by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha)
Is A Fixer Required In Alang India's Ship Yards? by Adam Cohn 12 days ago by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha)
Problems Getting Payed From Rogers Canada? by Nayan Sthankiya 12 days ago by Nepal Fixer (Chandan Jha)
New Photography Project In Need Of Volunteers by 'kola 13 days ago by John Fredricks
Exersice Black Eagle Poland by Andrew Chittock 14 days ago
Cairo Fixer by Ahmed Seddik 15 days ago
A Fixer In Tanzania/Zanzibar by ebby shaban abdallah 16 days ago
Morocco, In Need Of Contact/Information by GiovanniC 16 days ago
For Sale Mamiya 7ii With 80mm Lens Pristine Condition! by Ruth 17 days ago
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