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Andrew D

Andrew D

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Medical Privacy.

I am putting together a short video that includes doctors administering care in a temporary clinic in a developing nation. I embedded with their group for a couple of days and got lots of good stuff. I have lots of footage of patients being diagnosed and treated by these doctors/nurses.

In the United States, we have legislation that protects patient confidentiality. This is mostly a doctor/patient thing. In Photojournalism/Videography, what are the standards for privacy in a situation like this? What would be considered appropriate as far as what I should or should not be revealing on camera/audio?

What I intend on doing, is not matching up any footage of a person without audio about their condition, and muting audio (replaced with documentary dialogue probably) when their faces are present, or when they are shown having a conversation with a doctor. Basically making it so that medical diagnosis/treatment are never matched up with a recognizable individual. I am not sure if this is the professional standard, but it seems to be the respectful thing to do.

I have one particular scene where a doctor is demonstrating the use of an inhaler. There is no discernible audio, but you can clearly see the patient he is demonstrating too. It is not something where an exact condition is revealed, but it seems rather close to me.

What is the professional conduct here?


17 Nov 2010 01:11 | 0 replies

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