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Evolution of Photojournalism II

OK, let’s kick this off again.

Whereas technology does play a role in how we continue to reinvent photojournalism, there are many other factors that must be considered and are, in fact, more critical than technology. For example, how will the business model emerge for what we are discussing? How will we attract an audience for what we create, be it prints, multimedia, video, whatever? How will we get paid for what we do? How will the subjects of our work benefit from what we do? Will our audience pay to see what we produce?

And then on the creative side, how do we present our work in a way that is compelling and engaging to our audience? How do we create it in a way that an audience is willing pay for either directly or indirectly?

Thoughts? Experiences? Please share.

Oh, and thanks to Ed Giles for sharing with me an excellent paper on this subject. Ask him nicely and he might share it with others! A very good read on this topic.

Stay well everyone!

23 Aug 2008 21:08 | 29 replies

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