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Lightstalkers is a network of unconventional travelers. The core of our membership is made up of photographers, but we count journalists, aid workers, military and security professionals, and information techs among our community as well. We also have an extended crew of editors, agents, friends and family, and the odd people we meet at airports and rest stops, people who wonder where we are and what we’re doing out there. Lightstalkers is open to anyone who wants to participate. We have no membership requirements, only a code of sharing and cooperation.

Lightstalkers was created to help its members to help each other. It was designed to serve as a hook-up center for a mobile, global crew of of explorers and operators. Using the site as a virtual base camp, we track each others movements and projects, exchange unique, real-time information, and assist each other with advice and feedback. Lightstalkers is a directory, a database, and a resource center.

Beyond that, it’s hard to say what this thing is—we’re making it up as we go along in sketchy places, and interesting times. That’s standard operating procedure.

We live and work in uncharted, unstable territory, navigating the grey areas of geography and technology. We travel in countries that are still in development or recently destroyed, using gear just barely out of R&D. For better or worse, we are the beta testing generation of the post-industrial era. This is our homemade “do-it-yourself/donÕt-try-this-at-home” field guide and users manual to the 21st century. (Be warned, it’s the internet, and we do not verify or endorse anything posted on this site).

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