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Profession: Journalist
Location: London , United Kingdom
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Languages spoken: English, French and German
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Personal Projects - the process

I am currently putting together ideas for a documentary photography project that I’ll carry out in my spare time (I’m a teacher, but photography / story telling is my passion I suppose).

It got me thinking about the whole process of documentary photography and the ways in which ideas can be brought to life. For photojournalism the most important thing seems to be ‘there’ (wherever it is) and have the skill (and often grit) to get the shot, but when documenting subjects that aren’t necessarily immediately ‘newsworthy’ the process seems different.

I was hoping some Lightstalkers members might be able to share their thoughts on this – and perhaps describe their own experiences of conceiving, developing and bringing a documentary project to life, from the first idea to the final prints / book / etc.

Hope that makes some sort of sense!

30 Apr 2012 07:04 | 0 replies

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