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Adeline Tumenggung

Adeline Tumenggung

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Profession: Journalist/Documentary fi
Location: Manchester , United Kingdom ( MAN )
URL: http://adelinemt.bravehost.com/index.html
URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12867316@N02/
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, Indonesian
Journal: •••••••• (private)
Blood type: O+
Last login: almost 5 years ago
Member since: 30 Aug 2005 20:08


Contributor  to The Jakarta Post (www.thejakartapost.com), Aceh Kita (www.acehkita.com/en), Jakarta24.  

My Neighbour the Giant Boat, 26 min,2006 (Pungee Blangcut, Banda Aceh, 5 months after. A giant ship in the neighbourhood. Life in the set of the Wizard of Oz)
Democracy: the Art of Living Together, 30 min,2005 (educational documentary on democracy in a pluralistic country)
Vote for Your Life,
17 min, 2004 (news documentary on General Election in Aceh)
Anywhere but Fear, 32 min, 2004 (documentary on Aceh Martial Law)
Weaving Democracy Fighting Corruption, 22 min, 2004 (news documentary on Larantuka East Nusa Tenggara case)
People’s Wheel, 43 min, 2003 (documentary on becak drivers of

Jakarta ) 
Killing the Days, 31 min, 2002 (documentary on forced eviction case in

Jakarta , ISJ & Minima 2002. Nominated for best documentary at 2003 Jakarta International Film Festival) 


Laba-Laba Media: Hidup dalam Galaksi Informasi Manuel Castells
(Media Spider: Living in Manuel Castells’ Information Galaxy),

Jakarta : LSPP, June 2005



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Adeline Tumenggung. Aceh Kita , pp. 00, Jul 5 2005. "Life in the Ring of Fire" Aceh Kita , pp. 00. Jul 5 2005.
Adeline Tumenggung. Young Progressives in Southeast Asia , pp. 24, Jun 2005. "Marooned in the Junction: Indonesian Youth Participation in Politics" Young Progressives in Southeast Asia , pp. 24. Jun 2005.
Adeline Tumenggung. The Jakarta Post , pp. 00, May 29 2005. "Danger by the pen in the Philippines" The Jakarta Post , pp. 00. May 29 2005.
Adeline Tumenggung. The Jakarta Post , pp. 00, Apr 24 2005. "They could have been best friends" The Jakarta Post , pp. 00. Apr 24 2005.



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going to Aceh

Hi, I’m looking for any airlines or sponsors or cooperation scheme that can help us, three all-women documentary crew from Manchester UK to go to Banda Aceh. We plan to go after Easter holiday, around April 24. We are open to any kind of cooperation or co-production. We can also feed news — articles for print media as well as broadcast. If anyone can help us with ideas or contact, please email me at adeline_mt@yahoo.co.uk

20 Feb 2006 14:02 | 0 replies


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