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Alfie Goodrich

Alfie Goodrich

Travel History

Profession: Photographer
Status: Photojournalist in Japan
Location: Tokyo , Japan
Home base: Tokyo
URL: http://www.alfiegoodrich.com
URL: http://ephotos.com/alfiegoodrich.html
Email: •••••••• (private)
Mobile email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: Japanese, English, Spanish
Organization: Freelance
Journal: http://blog.alfiegoodrich.com
Skype: Thegoodrichfamily thegoodrichfamily
Mobile phone: 00 81[0] 70 6947 7149
Home phone: •••••••• (private)
Work phone 00 81[0] 70 6947 7149
Emergency notes: •••••••• (private)
Last login: over 6 years ago
Member since: 14 Jul 2008 10:07


Hello, my name is Alfie Goodrich and I am a photojournalist living in Tokyo. I am currently under contract to the Nippon News agency here in Tokyo. My travel photography has taken me throughout Japan but especially to shoot photographs of Tokyo, Hiroshima and Kyoto. This has lead to me recently being asked by the Japan National Tourist Authority to become a contributor of photography for all their brochures and promotional materials for Japan. I have also photographed Paris, New York, Prague, England, Wales and other locations around the world.

My music photography involved me in many of Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD festivals, Glastonbury Festival, recording sessions and on location with musicians. My music photographs have been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers across the world.

A selection of my work is available from RedBubble.com as prints, cards, posters and framed pictures. Just click the banner below to visit my store.

You can contact me by using the contact details below. I am available to commission and have a large catalogue of photographs for sale or licensing covering, amongst other subjects, Japan, Britain and music.

I also teach photography in Tokyo. More details of that are on my website.

Alfie J. S. Goodrich
4-17-4-801 Minami-oi
140-0013 JAPAN

Tel: +81 070 6947 7149

Email: alfie [@] alfiegoodrich.com

Mobile email: alfiegoodrich [@] pdx.ne.jp

Main website: www.alfiegoodrich.com



音楽の写真家としても、ピーター・ガブリエルズ ウーマンフェスティバル、グラストンベリー・ミュージック・フェスティバル、多くのミュージシャンのレコーディング風景、CDやアルバム用のジャケットの写真、プロモート用の雑誌やポスターの写真など、数多く雑誌、新聞を始め掲載されている。盛りだくさんの彼の写真のコレクションが、オンラインショップで購入可能。ショップへはここをクリック。

ギャラリー次のページへいく場合:ページ右下をマウスで捲るように動かしてください。ホームページへ戻る。ドキュメンタリー写真 2002年築地魚市場、東京、日本ミュージック写真全72ページ、1995-2005年 WOMAD、グラストンベリー音楽祭、ブラックボックスミュージック社、ニンバス レコード社にて撮影。その他の写真 全70ページ 1987‐2007年 英国ウェールズ、モンマス、ウェールズ海岸沿い、南ウェールズのチャーチヤードを横断、タリボンド‐オン‐デス&ジェライント、ウィリアムズ ボルックスワーゲンのガレージ。


のウェップサイトでもみれます。ロゴをダブルクリック 著作権について:

アルフィー. J.S.グッドリッチ


Email: alfie [@] alfiegoodrich.com

携帯Email: alfiegoodrich [@] pdx.ne.jp



Recent Post

Rate suggestion for providing a digi file for a mural

Hi folks. I have rates figured out for most things I do but have just received a request for something that is off the radar a little and wanted some advice.

An architect in the US has asked me to provide a digital file of a cityscape I shot in Tokyo, which he wants to blow up large [mural size he says] for inclusion in a project display of his.

He will take care of the printing at his end [I have asked for assurances regarding no multiple copies being made and the image wil be watermarked by me anyway].

Anyone here have ideas on a rate for supply of a high-rez file for a usage like this?

The image has not been licensed anywhere else yet and I would be giving him a one-off use.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions…..

24 Jul 2008 02:07 | 0 replies


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