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Profession: Photographer/Filmmaker
Location: Tehran,Iran , Iran
Home base: Tehran
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Languages spoken: English,Persian
Organization: Freelancer
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Mobile phone: +98 936 6360266
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Ali Zare 
International photographer and documentary filmmaker


Diploma in Graphic design, Tehran fine art school


Documentary film art direction
Stage design
Theatre, Cinema and TV production
Computer graphic design and related software


Rooye Jadeh Namnak (Director :Mehid Karampoor),
Breakfast for two(Director :Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh),
Tardast (Director: Mohammad Ali Sajadi),
Hand(Director: Anooshiravan Haddad),
Desert( Director: Shararh Zandian),
Niloofar Aabi (Director: Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh),
When everyone were asleep (Director: Fereydoon Hassanpoor),
Second Wife(Director: Sirus Alvand),
When we are all sleeping (Director: Bahram beyzaii)
Wooden Bridge (Pole Choobi) (Director: Mehdi Karampour),

Soog’e’ siavash (Director:Pari Saberi),
Man az koja, eshgh az koja (Director:Par Saberi),
Zaar (Director:Mohamad Hatami),
Vazir’e’khan’e’lankaran(Director:Banafsheh tavanaii),
Symphony of pain (Director:Hossein Pakdel),
Asian Butterflies (Directo:Mohammad Hatami),
Antigone in NY (Director:Homa Roosta)
Today, I don’t love you anymore (Directo:Ali Hashemi),
Pinocchio(Directors:Ali Asghar Dashti & Naseem Ahmadpoor),
Tot family (Director:Maeede Tahmasbi),
Ashaghe’ (Director:Mohammad Rahmanian),
Devil’s Ship (Director:Atila Pesyani),
Samphni ‘e’ nakook(Director: Atila Pesyani),
Transit (Director: Siamak Ehsii),
Afra (Director:Bahram Beyzaii),
Bekhan (Director:Atefe Tehrani)

Iran Daily,
Hamshahri Daily,
Payamavar Weekly,
New Cinema Weekly,
Cinema & Film news website,
Naseem Monthly (Photography Director and Photographer),
Family Hamshahry (Photography Director and Photographer),
Hamshahri International,
Caritas magazine (Switzerland),
Mashg’e’Aftab (Art & Photograph director),
Cinema Theatre (Photography director)
Pardis Magazine (Photography director)
Art Tomorrow (International Photographer)

Farabi cinema foundation (FCF), 2001 –2002,
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (Photographer for 6th Painting biennale- 2003),
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (Iranian gardens Festival – 2004, Photographer and Filmmaker),
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (British contemporary sculptures-2004, Photographer),
Iranian national library (Photographer),
Special photographer of 26th Fadjr Film Festival,
Special photographer of Jam film festival,
Special photographer of Iranian Cinema House.


Banoo, Iranian woman (Photography and Documentary Film)
Iranian garden under construction, 45 Min. 2004 (Documentary)
A normal day, 9 Min.2005 (Documentary)
Dark Justice, 75 Min, 2007 (Documentary in Somalia)
Birds, 3 Min, 2009 (Documentary, In N.Y)
Ghavam o’lSaltane St., 100 min, 2010 (Documentary, In Tehran)


Best Iranian Cinema Photographer, 25th Fadjr International Film Festival-2006
Selected photographer, 24th Fardjr International Theatre Festival-2003
Candidate for best film poster 25th Fardjr International Film Festival-2006
Candidate for still photography 27th Fardjr International Film Festival-2008
Best Iranian Film Poster, 27th Fardjr International Film Festival-2008
Certificate of appreciation for theatre photography in international theater day- 2009
Certificate of appreciation, First Freedom photo exhibition, Iran (2004)
Scene photography festival, best photo (theater photography) 2007


«Cinema Theater » monthly mazavine: as the photo editor, for 4 issues in 2009.
“Portraits” the book of photgraphs of the Iranian celebrities, done by myslef: 2008
“Tasvire Saal” the refference book of visual arts: on every yearly issue, I had a minimum of 12 photographs, between the years of 2003 and 2009
«Hamshahriye Khanevadeh» weekly magazine : from the first to the 18th issue, had a minimum of 10 pictures per issue. 2006
«Nasim » monthly magazine: worked as the photo editor, and had a minumum of 10 pictures per issue. From 2006-2009
Roads and Landscapes, by Abbas Kiarostami and Ricardo Zipolli, and others including myself : Had one picture. 2006
The 9th bienal of Iranian photograthy: with 13 pictures. 2003 (Tehran contemporary art museum)
The book of the 6th bienal of panting in Iran: I took all the photographs 2003  (Tehran contemporary art museum)
« Baani Film» Cinema newpsper: I contribnuted a minimum of 5 pictures per week, from 2004 to 2009
Hamshahri NewsPaper : I contributed a minimum of 5 pictures per week. From 2002 to 2007
Etemad News Paper : I did the cover the photo on the cover of the special issue dedicated to culture, (photo of golshifteh farahani)Winter 2008,
Farabi cinema foundation magazine, the official publication of the International Fajr Film festival, I was the photograpther for all 14 issues, of the 14 days of the festival, 2002-2003-2008.
“House of Cinema Festival” magazine: Chief photographer and editor of photography 2008
Iran Newspaper: contributing photographer 2002.
“Carita” monthly swiss magazine: contributinfg photographer from 2004 to 2005.
“Golf News” Emirates:  twice in 2007
The reference book of Tehran’s Galleries: from 2002 to 2009
“The International Film Magazine” monthly, contributed randomly from 2002 2009
Tamashagaran weekly, as the editor of photography 2006
“Cinema” weekly magazine from 2002 to 2009
“Cinemaye jahan” weekly magazine: from 2002 to 2008
“Sanate Cinema” Monthly magazine: from 2004 to 2009
 “Cinema e ma”from 2002 to 2009
“Aks” Monthly Magazine: from 2004-2006
The Reference book of Fajr International Theather Festival: 6 pictures. 2004
The Reference book of Fajr International Film Festival: 6 pictures. 2007 and 2009
The news letter of Fajr International Film Festival, for both Photos and Interviwes. 2009
Assosianed Press USA global office 2009: The aftermath of the iranian presidantial election, 4 pictures.
Voice of America TV Channel: twice showed a slide show of my pictures. 2009
‘20minutes’ France 2009
Photography.com 2008
International co-operation with Reza Deghati 2009
Humankind Settlement & City, Selected artist of Young Artists Compatition On the occasion of Word Habitat Day.London 2009
“Cinema theatre” weekly magazine from  2008 to 2010
Assosianed Press USA global office 2009: The best pistures of the year in AP,
The aftermath of the iranian presidantial election, 1 pictures.
Art Tomorrow (International Art Mgazine)
TIME Magazine annual 2010,The aftermath of the iranian presidantial election,


Atbin Art Gallery (2003)
Atbin Art Gallery (2002)
Café Photo (2006)
Silk Road Gallery, (2010)
Nicolas Felemel Gallery (2010) Paris
Roudaki Concert Hall, (Main Hall) Photo Exhibition about Somalia, (2011)
Silk Road Gallery, (2012) “Impossible Guess!?So what!?”
Silk Road Gallery, (2012) “Chair”


Picture of the year art festival (2003- 2008)
First Iranian fashion photography (With Samira Sinaii, fashion designer & Khosro Sinaii , Movie director)
First Iranian Art Expo (2004)
9th Iranian photography biennale (2004) – 13 accepted photo
Group exhibition (Selected Iranian theater photography), Paris, 2003
Group exhibition (Iranian selected photographers, Roanne , IYNSA University (2005)
Iranian garden exhibition (Film)
Lebanon 33 days war photography exhibition, Iranian museum of contemporary arts (2006)
Iranian best film photographers exhibition (Iranian art house) – 2006
Iranian best theatre photographers exhibition- City theatre complex – 2007
Mixed media exhibition , sculpture and photography with Yasmin Sinaii (Sialk Art Gallery-2007)
Iranian art festival –Sharjah, UAE, 2007
“Green” group photo exhibition-Mehrva Art Gallery- 2006
Iranian thatre photographers association-First exhibition- 2008
Iranian photograph history exhibition, Tehran museum of contemporary arts (“Inner eye”) 2007
Iranian selected photographers with Riccardo Zipoli, Italian photographer & Abbas Kiarostami, Iranian film maker – 2006
Group exhibition, Hillyer gallery Washington D.C, 2009
Group exhibition, Money de paris museum Paris, 2009
Humankind Settelment,& City, Selected artist of Young Artists Compatition On the occasion of Word Habitat Day.London 2009
Picture of the year art festival (2010)
Foto jatka Art Festival (2010) Prague
Kabk Art Gallery,(2011) Tehran
Group Iranian Photography Exhibition, (2012) London UK.


Theater photography, with Mahmood Kalari (Iranian film photographer),
Iranian photographers house
Corcoran University, Washington D.C, 2008

NYU, New York, 2008

Links: www.candlestar.co.uk/artists/ali-zare


Graphic designer, Honafa Corp. (Multimedia) 
Graphic designer, Sepehr Corp.(Multimedia)
Graphic Designer, Tamas Inc. (ISP)
Graphic designer, photographer, Shaparak Inc.(multimedia)
Art director and Photographer , MonIran (E-Commerce)
Art director and Photographer, Kavosh (ISP)
Graphic designer, Soft Tech (Multimedia)
Graphic designer, Sarobon Co.
Art director and Photographer, Aksbaran (Digital photo lab)
Advertising consultant, PARS consulting

Photography and Designe For , SONY

Photography For Heineken Paris,

Photography For LG.


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