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Almigdad Mojalli

Almigdad Mojalli
Profession: Fixer / Translator
Location: Sana'a , Yemen
Home base: Yemen
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Mobile email: •••••••• (private)
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Languages spoken: Arabic / English
Organization: Yemen Observer Newspaper
Yahoo! Messenger: almigdads8@yahoo.com
Skype: Almigdad almigdad.mojalli
Google Talk: almigdads8@gmail.com
Mobile phone (while in Sana'a): +967 771177207
Mobile phone: +967 771177207
Home phone: +967 733182223
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Dear Friends,

I am Almigdad Mojalli, a fixer, journalist and translator, from Yemen, based in Sana’a. Since January 2009, I have worked with many international journalists as a fixer/ translator. Please see the references below.

I provide single or full-packaged services including the following:

1- Following up entry visa with all the official authorities
2- Providing excellent interpretation and translation
3- Providing filming and traveling permissions from all concerned authorities
4- Coordinating / fixing for field visits, meetings, interviews with any state officials, army and security commanders, NGOs, social figures, politicians, diplomats …etc.
5- Providing filming crews and filming equipments
6- Providing any type, size and model of cars with the cheapest prices in the whole country
7- Booking in the suitable hotels for my clients with the best possible prices
8- Picking up from airport upon arrival and escorting to the airport when leaving the country
9- Providing very wide range of contacts
10- Providing topics and issues for journalists to work on

During the period from September 2013 to February 2014, I worked with Laura Silvia Battaghlia on many documentaries and reports.

In April 2013, I worked with George Miller on a documentary about the traditional sports in Yemen.

In January 2013, I worked with Mike Heally, on three documentaries for OCHA UN and Aljazeera English Channel.

In March 2012, I was appointed as the location manager in Yemen for Clover Films Co., based in London.

In March 2012, we made a documentary film for Frontline program, PBS American channel where we meet the top officials in the government, army, security and tribal leaders including the prime Minister, The US ambassador, the commander of the defected army, minister of human rights, and leaders of opposition and ruling parties.

In February, 2012, I worked as a fixer for Matteo Faggotto, a freelance Italian journalist where we worked on many political, humanitarian, and social issues and met many officials including ministers, figures in both opposition and ruling party, tribal leaders, social figures, revolutionists, religious clerics …etc.

In 2009, I worked for Aljazeera English channel, witness program, on the documentary film called Peacemaker discussing tribal conflicts, roles of tribal leaders in solving conflicts, guns in Yemen,, revenge killing and child marriage.


I worked as a fixer / translator for many journalists, filmmakers, and reporters like:

- Jamie Doran, FrontLine program, PBS Documentary channel

E-mail: jamie@clover-films.com

- Mike Healy, peacemaker documentary film for The Witness program, Aljazeera English Channel


- Mike Healy, Child Marriage documentary film

- Mike Healy, The show Must Go On documentary film

E-mail: mike@ghostboxtv.com

- Laura Silvia Battaglia


- Alice Gower

e-mail: alicegower@energy-forecast.net

- Matteo Fagotto, a freelance journalist

E-mail: m.fagotto@hotmail.it

- George Miller, a sport journalist

E-mail: gmiller5150@googlemail.com

If you are interested in my services, please contact me at anytime.

Yours sincerely
Almigdad Mojalli


Recent Post

Jews in Yemen More Secured But Jobless

By: Almigdad Mojalli
The number of Jews in Yemen has been decreasing since 1948. Currently, only 84 Jews live in Yemen, 55 of them in the Tourist City compound in Sana’a and 29 in Raidah district, Amran province.
Along the past two decades the Jews used to stay in Sa’ada and Amran provinces. However, with the outbreak of the war in Sa’ada between the Houthis and Yemeni army, about 14 Jewish families evacuated to Sana’a after receiving a warning from Houthis.
The Jewish community of Sa’ada, Al Salem area, used to live in a complete harmony with the Muslims. They used to visit one another and share happy and sad occasions. “we never had any problems with the Muslims, and on the contrary, we used to go to them to work for them,” Sulaiman Marhabi said.
The Jews had many handicrafts and they used to work as silversmiths, blacksmiths, carpenters, and farmers. However, one day in 2008, the Jews received a letter in which the Houthis ask them to evacuate the area within 10 days otherwise they will be killed. “ The Jews were working as blacksmiths, silversmiths, carpenters, and farmers with peace, then, one day we were surprised with a warning letter from the Houthis asking us to evacuate the area within 10 days or we will be killed all,” said Sulaiman Marhabi.
In their warning letter, Houthis accused the Jews of providing Israel and USA with information about Muslims. The Jews immediately travelled to Sa’ada and showed the officials there the letter. The government in Sa’ada accommodate the Jews in an hotel for one month with the hope to solve their problem and return back to their homes. “the governor Faisal Mana’a and the parliament member Othman Mujalli accommodated us in an hotel for one month hoping that our problem would be solved,” mentioned Marhabi adding,” after one month awaiting, the ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh sent us two Helicopters to move us to Sana’a.
The Jews arrived to Sana’a and knew the their problem was not solved and no way back to their homes. However, when the Jews left their homes to Sa’ada, they never took any of their properties as they were expecting that the government would solve their problem and they would return home. The war continued and the Houthis bombed the houses of the Jews and confiscated all their properties including cars and their big library that contains old Torah and other old books, “we left with nothing but our clothes because we thought that we would return to our homes and then our neighbors called us and told us that the Houthis came and bombed our homes and confiscated all our properties,” stated Marhabi.
The rabbi of the Jews Yousif salem Musa complained that the Houthis destroyed his house, shot one of his cars and confiscated another one, and took his library that contains very old books, “they destroyed my house, shot one of my cars and took the other one, and took my library… of very old books that date back to 200 years,” the rabbi said crying.
A new life in Sana’a
The 14 Jewish families that composed of 55 people are accommodated in the Tourist Compound in front of The US embassy. Each family was given an apartment consists of three rooms, kitchen, and a bathroom. “when we arrived to Sana’a, the state accommodated us in this compound and gave an apartment for each family,” Marhabi Said.
According to Habboub Salim Musa, the representative of the Jews, the state provides each family with all the main food staff monthly, “the state each family with the main food staff like flour, sugar, rice, ghee, cooking oil.. etc. monthly,” said Habboub.
Moreover, Habboub added that the state allocates an amount of money for meat or chicken and vegetables for each family, “ the state gives each family the amount of YR40-55 thousands monthly which equals USD$185-260 for meat and vegetables,” Habboub explained.
Furthermore, the state allocates an amount of money for each person monthly as a pocket money, “ also, it gives each person in the compound the amount of YR5000 as a pocket money, and we hear some news that the state intends to raise this amount” he mentioned.
However, though the state provides the Jews living in Sana’a with all their living needs, they cannot work anywhere as they do not feel secured enough to have workshops or to work with anyone. “we cannot have workshops as we fear that someone may come and attack us,” said Marhabi.
In 2012 a Jew was killed when he went to buy Qat from the Qat market, “my uncle Haroun was killed last year in the Qat market for nothing,” said Haboub explaining, “he had not any problems with the person who killed and he had never known him.” According to Haboub, the police arrested the murderer and sent him to the prison.
Only one of the Jews living in Sana’a has a governmental job. He works at the Tourist City as a farmer, “he is the only person who has a job and receives a governmental salary,” said Haboub.
As one of the most prominent customs for the Jews is that no one slaughter chickens, sheep, goats or cows but the rabbi for the all the Jews. Also, the rabbi is the only person who writes the marriage contracts.
Though Jews have a more secured life with all living needs, the eager to return to their homes and jobs. “absolutely, we want to go back to our homes and lands, but they are destroyed,” said Sulaiman Marhabi.

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