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Andrea Aska Varacalli

Andrea Aska Varacalli
Profession: Author/Photographer
Status: In the City
Location: Belfast , United Kingdom
Home base: Belfast Northern Ireland
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Languages spoken: English, Italian
Organization: Avvenire / Arctic Oxygen
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Member since: 24 Aug 2006 06:08



OPENING DATES: Vernissage: first Venue, Friday 16th, 7pm. Conway Mill, West Belfast

November 17th/November 30th: Conway Mill, Top Loft, 3Rd Floor

December 5th/January11th 2K8, Linen Hall Library. Five floors on vertical stairs.

December 11th, 6pm. Vernissage. Linen Hall Library

January 15th-January28th, Shankill Belb Library. Ground and Top Floor




“Nocturno”, by Andrea Varacalli. The midnite Sun around the contemporary Belfast society.

“Body Snatchers: an underground urban rebellion” by Kaya Brown and Andrea Varacalli. Produced by the WAT?! Team, Belfastburg

“Tokyogoth: Inside the Japanese Gothic Subcultures” By Andrea ‘Aska’ Varacalli

B E L F A S K A T I N G: a Subterranean Sociology Project.

BELFASKATING MARK VI http://www.lesenfantsterribles.org/belfaskatingmark6.html

Second Gallery:

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Andrea ‘Aska’ Varacalli was born in Roma, Italia, 1969. Author, journalist, professional photographer and multimedia artist He began his career in 1992 as an analyst of nationalism and politics in Europe . A year later, he became the Northern Ireland and Basque Country security and political correspondent for the prestigious Italian newspaper, Avvenire. He is the author of several reportages focused on 21st century youths and extreme right wings across Europe. Together with various projects and exhibitions, Andrea Varacalli is today the editor in chief for the sociological magazine, Les Enfants Terribles. He is currently fully engaged in the development of the WAT?! group (Waterfront Artistic Troops) and the awarded Belfaskating project represents the first achievement of the team. ‘Nocturno’ and ‘Tokyogoth’ are among the future projects.

Belfast City Spektra by Andrea ‘Aska’ Varacalli.

BELFASKATING: a wider project to investigate the impact of post-conflict in Northern Ireland through the eyes of the new generation. The research and related issue move from an innovative approach to understand the legacies of a dualistic society in a “new shared future” Era. The project is articulated within a sub-cultural urban context and aims, with the use of visual and audio-interview materials, to portray the “third way to integration”. Acknowledging that the personal and social development is a central theme in the delivery of youth work and identifying some core principles that should subvert some of stereotypes linked to the classification “Youths”, Belfaskating intends to represent an alternative methodological Art step in the direction of exploratory and experimental study. Running for several approvals and grants from Gov dpt. and Org, in the process of being arranged as an Exhibition and with future plans for a publication and interventions to youth multimedia meetings, the Belfaskating Project is now fully engaged in a consultation phase regarding its own strategical methods and sociological implications. The ultimate purpose is to represent a multifaceted step forward in the observation and targeting of the current Northern Irish youth.


Andrea Varacalli. Author, Journalist and Professional Photographer, Multimedia Artist. Northern Ireland and Basque Country, Youths New Generations and Extreme European Right Wings analist; Security and Political correspondent for the Italian newspaper Avvenire. Editor in Chief of the political and sociological magazine, Les Enfants Terribles. Nato a Roma, trentasette anni fa. Fotografo, autore e giornalista, dal 1993 corrispondente dall’Irlanda del Nord e dai Paesi Baschi per le maggiori testate giornalistiche italiane, poi il quotidiano Avvenire. Andrea Varacalli illustra e analizza realta’ di conflitto identitario e nazionale. Residente nelle Sei Contee dal 1994, Varacalli si distingue come acuto e impietoso osservatore delle contraddizioni e delle complessita’ che hanno caratterizzato lo scontro armato nell’Ulster Britannico e che oggi si traducono nella dialettica costituzionale tra i partiti Nazionalisti e Unionisti. Dalla guerriglia urbana alla dissacrazione dei luoghi di sepoltura, dall’espressione culturale e identitaria delle due comunita’ agli scontri tra manifestanti e forze dell’ordine Britanniche, gli scatti raccontano la potenza di un confronto appassionato tra uomini e ideali. Nella responsabilità della testimonianza, lo sguardo del fotografo diventa un atto morale di devozione nei confronti di una realtà feroce e mai scontata nella modulazione dei suoi contrasti. La fotografia di Varacalli è uno sguardo in 17mm che si spinge fin dentro e oltre le linee degli scontri, e’ attitudine estetica a condensare in un taglio grandangolare squarci di verità . Nel visore della sua Nikon luci e ombre diventano storia e racconto, evento e visione. Le corrispondenze che firma per Avvenire accompagnano gli scatti con la stessa profondità di campo, rifuggendo da linee editoriali compiacenti e compiaciute nel semplicistico conteggio dei torti e delle ragioni. Le sue esposizioni, ‘Corrispondenze in una bottiglia’ che non si lascia trasportare dalle correnti: sono bottiglie incendiarie, comete d’ira e di dissenso che fendono l’aria di questo angolo di mondo. Dove la passione ancora infiamma, sono le fiamme della passione a scrivere la storia. Oggi sta lavorando al suo nuovo progetto con le subculture post-conflitto nordirlandesi intitolato ‘Belfaskating’.


By Andrea Lavazza, columnist del quotidiano italiano Avvenire

Avvenire: the most preeminent Italian Newspaper.


As individuals we all have more than one identity. This was described best by Tajfel’s social identity theory that suggests that we belong to various societal groups (i.e. the family, the school ….) and therefore we will hold a variety of social identities.

This theory also goes further to focus on how one’s social identity can lead us to forming in-groups and out groups. The group we identify strongly with e.g. “The Goths”or ‘in group’ will purposely find problems with the values and norms displayed by e.g. “The skaters” and this will eventually lead to alienation of others that don’t belong to ‘your group’.

This in group identification and out group vilification will often times promote confrontation even violence. We can see this division of groups in Northern Irish society without looking to closely, for decades ‘protestants’ have fought against their out group ‘catholics’. (I accept that there are many issues that have lead to this conflict but it none the less illustrates how the ‘in group’ and ‘out group’ can operate)

What happens however to those people who identify with neither group? They remain on the fringes of society and concentrate on their developing sub culture, were they dismiss the discourse between the main confronting groups and seek out like minded individuals and form another grouping.

We see this forming when we look around Belfast city centre. Young people who have no time for the main groups in society and feel compelled to show a different face. They will not define themselves as protestant or catholic but as Goths, punks, skaters, these groups will have their own informal rules and regulations and strive to be identified as such. ( This does not mean they are solely defined as punks or Goths etc, remembering that they will always have different social identities – in their families they will not be ‘the goth’ they will be the sister or brother….)

These young people are often excluded from the main society in question – they are quite content to remain in their groupings until such times as they no longer hold the values and norms they wish to identify with and they will subsequently move on (probably to identify with another group).

Society will often view and define these young people as ‘different’ to the extent that some may even fear them, as they are unable to identify with them. They cannot see past the clothes, the make up, the hair style, the music – they do not see young people they see young Punks, Goths, skaters, etc. This is what the groups appear to strive for in defining themselves as something different.

Belfaskating strives to represent these young people through the medium of multi media art. To engage in discussion and facilitate a representation of how the young people view themselves and the society around them.

To create an insight within wider society and promote the diversity – yet concentrate on the similarities – that make us who we are.

Aine Fox, Sociologist and Youth Worker, Belfast

—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—\ /—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—

Andrea’s shots open a window on a world that begs to differ. The world of a generation forgotten by the contradictions and confusion of a city still recovering from a conflict. This is a brave attempt to speak the same language as Belfast’s young people, to understand their visual creativity. The shots compose a fluid narrative of urban adolescence and youth. Stories are told by mean of gestures, expressions and clothing. Despite being from different tribes, the characters of this unfolding stories merge under the common denominator of skateboarding. Skating is the privileged language chosen by these people to cry out their will to be different. Every piercing, make up, hairstyle, skin cut and piece of clothing is a statement in favour of this difference. These young people managed to create lore of personal stories that, once narrated by their own voices, will try to fill the moral emptiness created by the society of their parents. It is not only a rebellion: it is a creative act, the attempt to construct a reality easy to understand and forgive. Therefore, skating along a wall of graffiti and division has a powerful symbolic meaning. It is the re-appropriation of a territory that has been taken away from them. They are the squatters of those city squares and streets, and they have the right to be there.

After looking at the images, one feels the urge to hear the stories from the kids themselves: their stories of hopes and disillusionment , of pain and self-harm behind those smiles. It is time to start paying attention to them, to give them credit for their refusal to sit back and disappear. Andrea’s photographs gave them voice. Now it is our turn to listen.

Martina Buckley, Department of Applied Psychology, UCC, Cork.

—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—\ /-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—

Technique: Streetshooting in medium format. E6 cross-processed

Equipment: Rollei 6008, Nikon F5

Highlite publications: “Um muro em Belfast”, Mundo Missao, Brazialian Magazine. The Peaceline stroke hearts and minds of both communities.


“Asbo e alcol: vescovi e governo irlandese cercano una soluzione”


Andrea Varacalli, Avvenire

PACS and Civil Unions in Ireland: The Zappone Case. Two front pages, Dossier.


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Belfast urban sports Association is a charity and relies on the voluntary hard work of it committee members. We understand urban sports maximise the time of individuals on this plant, and Belfast has not shortage of said individuals. We are working towards a permanent facility where these sports can develop to first class and get the kudos they deserve. Sign up to BUS and join the revolution here:

www.ourbus.org Contact Jean Paul (Pope). team@ourbus.org


SKATEBOARDING: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skateboarding

PARKOUR: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkour

GOTHIC SUBCULTURE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goth_subculture

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CYBERPUNK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk

SPIDES: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spide

GRUNGE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grunge




“Fascinating.A masterful sense of light.Skill and pure sensitivity.J.Bailey,Art Director,Edinburgh ”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Oct 29 2007
“Exceptional shots,impressively well done! Breath of streets! Marc Geraurd,Photographer,Paris France”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Oct 21 2007
“Peaceline Dream - Simply a superlative masterpiece. Bravo! GerardMc, Boston, Photographer,USA”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Oct 14 2007
“Rollei heavy duty shooting in the streets. Amazin job with that beast.FedJ, Photographer,Sidney”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Oct 9 2007
“A superb innovative streetshooting approach towards subcultures. Thomas Shem, Chicago, Illinois, USA”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Oct 8 2007
“1) Andrea can play with light and lightness like few can; ”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Oct 1 2007
“2)he’s giving those youth back the youth voice they had not had for a long time. ”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Oct 1 2007
“3) Piero Vaglioni, Photographer, Writer and Poet. Roma, Italia”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Oct 1 2007
“from 'troubles' to a rigorous post-conflict analysis. Luc,Au-eng,Montreal,Quebec ”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 27 2007
“1)mindshaking b/w, brainstinging c/p colur;your work speaks loud as a milion of words, man”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 26 2007
“2)u achieved it,aesthetic meets industrial.Daniel Neuwirth,Apple Engineer Leader/Salzburg/Austria”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 26 2007
“Extreme, dynamic, solar dark soul. Beautiful shots.ChangHee Kwon,multimedia designer,Seoul,S.Korea”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 21 2007
“breathtaking shots of Belfast reneissance.Luca Fiorenza,anthropologist,Research IST Senckenberg ”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 20 2007
“How much humanity in these shots.Amazing. Rita Portoghese,Scienze della Comunicazione, Italy”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 19 2007
“These shots showing the strenght of a bullet.Damiano Benzoni,music communication journalist,Italia”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 19 2007
“1) Get punk, get goth, get industrial triber, get anything weird and then get Aska”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 19 2007
“2) - He'll turn you into picture that would come from a Giger's deep thoughts.”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 19 2007
“Krr-Insext / (AV Engineer), Marseille, France”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 19 2007
“The best photographer I have ever came across: powerful images. Chris Patterson, Skater”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 19 2007
“artist, provocateur, proto-genious, funnily crazy! Marti Blesa, Archaeologist-Egyptologist, Spain”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 19 2007
“you are one hell of a photographer man. Chris Heatley, Parkour Traceur”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 19 2007
“The Essence of sounds in a shot. Pure magic. Ferruccio Belmonte, music producer and management”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 14 2007
“Andrea’s photographs gave them voice. Martina Buckley,Dpt Applied Psychology,UCC, Cork”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 12 2007
“An innovative, aesthetically stimulating, vision of Northern Irish Youth.Àine Fox. (Youth worker)”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 12 2007
“a powerful historical document of a post conflict subculture in Belfast. Paul McCambridge”— Andrea Aska Varacalli , Sep 12 2007

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