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Andris Kozlovskis

Andris Kozlovskis
Profession: Visually Literate Artisan
Location: Riga , Latvia ( rix )
Home base: Riga, Latvia
URL: http://andriskozlovskis.lv
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: Latvian, English, Russian
Skype: Newpixelisfromlv newpixelisfromlv
Mobile phone: +371-29122683
Blood type: O+
Last login: almost 8 years ago
Member since: 08 Jul 2005 00:07


Born in 1975 in Soviet Union in a working class family. Thanks to inquiring mind was successful at school and many extracurricular activities – different sports, arts and photography. At school officiated as member of board for school branch of Soviet youth organization. Since age of twelve member of national pupils’ photography circle, awards wining participant of national photo contests for respective age group. 1989 – first photo publications in Soviet youth organization newspaper “Pionieris”. High school years coincide with collapse of Soviet Union and Latvia turning from Soviet republic to market economy driven state. While still at high school, graduating two-year photojournalism correspondence course from Russian external faculty of photojournalism at Photo Centrum for Union of Journalists of Russia Federation. From 1993 full time studies at University of Latvia and part time work as staff photographer for evening newspaper “Rigas Balss”. Graduated University of Latvia with degree in social sciences and developed interest in social documentary style of photography resulting in first series of pictures on ageing of society in Latvia. Since mid nineties worked as staff photographer for weekly magazine and as socially concerned person witnessed deepening difference in people social status as market economy principles strengthened and riches became richer, but others just coped with economical reality. As more and more media shifted from role of advocates for public interests towards being just businesses in hands of economically motivated entrepreneurs with just one goal in mind – making money – applied for position of photo editor-in-chief at largest media house in Latvia. Started to do lecturing on photography as visual information at department of Communication, University of Latvia. After two years left position of photo editor and became selfemployed. Started to work on theme of single mothers and experienced struggle to find the way for social documentary pictures into publication due to challenge for publisher to sell the advertising space next to disturbing pictures not meant just to entertain the reader, but rather inform and educate. Begun to work as visually literate artisan by taking pictures of food and portraits for purpose and as socially responsible artist continued own inspired work on social documentaries. By chance received recognition for photographic work about Russian steam bath in Riga from “Russia Press Photo 2004” awards committee as 1st prize winner in category daily life series. 2004 was year when made first personal exhibition on ‘Russian steam bath in Riga’ photograph series at Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga and exploited media interest to communicate the message of media no more serving public educating, but just providing entertainment to enrich the publishers and sell the advertising space. Since 2006 work as photography tutor at Children and youth center “Riga’s Pupils Palace”.




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