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Andy Geraghty

Profession: Freelance Photographer
Status: AndyGee
Location: Perth , Australia ( PER )
Home base: Perth
URL: http://www.andygeraghty.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Organization: Andy Geraghty Photography
Last login: almost 8 years ago
Member since: 13 Jul 2007 06:07


Currently living in Perth Western Australia

Corporate, Stock, Editorial, anything that helps pay the bills.



Recent Post

2 year work visa - internet restrictions is Saudi?

Hello all

firstly, as a lightstalker newbie, just like to say “G’day mates” from Perth Western Australia.

I’ve just got a working visa for a 2 year photo assignment in Saudi Arabia………well kind of;-)

I’m lucky enough to be married to one of those women with a well paid job….and highly desireable in Saudi Arabia.

Part of the deal is the “spouse” (me) can tag along, and gets a working visa. Don’t think they know what my work will be yet:-)

So apart from the fun I’m going to have lugging my gear through customs in KSA, I’m wondering how long I’ll be at the airport if they decide to view everyone of my images on my several hard drives!!??

So, going to upload a lot of stuff to photoshelter before I go.

With 400,000 banned sites in KSA, does anybody know if photoshelter is accessable without going through 3rd party proxies?

My 2 year assignment?

With the Saudi government starting to embrace tourism, the expate community with dollars to spend on portraiture, and the need for new stock from KSA – I see plenty of opportunties.

I also read with interest that the Saudi government are now actively encouraging its citizen to go buy a camera (ref: Arab News)

So I’m even thinking of a teaching/lecturing job in Digital basics? Maybe field workshops, or even a “Fixer on the ground” for you guys:-).

Any advice based on experience would be appriciated, not really interested in heresay, already found the nightmare stories myself.

I’d love to hear from any resident Saudi or expat photog’s on this forum based in Jeddah? Maybe I can buy you a coffee, when I get there?

Thanks for reading

Kind regards

Andy Geraghty

14 Jul 2007 05:07 | 1 replies


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