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Andy Kainz


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Profession: Unix Admin/Photographer
Location: Albany, Ny , United States ( ALB )
Home base: Albany, NY, US
Email: •••••••• (private)
AIM/iChat: anath042
Yahoo! Messenger: m00by042
Google Talk: •••••••• (private)
Mobile phone: •••••••• (private)
Blood type: •••••••• (private)
Last login: over 6 years ago
Member since: 23 May 2007 23:05


Right now, photography is a way for me to escape the mundane day to day work that I do. I know it sounds exciting, but really, maintaining over 200 unix servers with less than five people total, is a bit of a pain most days.

On a more photographic note, Right now I am most comfortable with portraiture, and still life photography. I’m growing more comfortable with event photography as I do more of it, with more capable lenses. I deeply respect those who do war photography, but I don’t think I could ever do it. My hat, if I wore one, would be off to them. I am becoming more comfortable with my competency level with the tools that I use to create photographs. I’ve just finished up a documentary photography class, and that is now making me want to do more documentary photography, on film… Also, I’ve gone back to be a photoservice member after a few (4-5) year absence at SUNY Albany. Masters Study can be a wonderful thing, when I’m not taking classes in my department…

In a rambling way, I’m saying that I love photography. I hope that this comes out in my images, and in how I conduct myself when shooting. It gives me a freedom that I don’t have in my day job. If I could find people that want to pay me to do photography, even better. One step at a time…



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