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April Sandmeyer

April Sandmeyer
Profession: Arts Agent / Researcher
Location: New York City, Ny , United States
Home base: NYC
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April Sandmeyer attended Interlochen Arts Academy, School of Creative Arts, and Mannes College of Music, while working at her family’s public relations and publishing companies, but she got her start in the picture business as a script girl for the animated television show “Papermation”.

She began booking bands in NYC, was seen on the arms of rockers Billy Idol, Sylvain of the NY Dolls, Gordon Spaeth of The Fleshtones, and had two daughters with Carlos L.Caballero, a musician with Santana.

She has been seen onstage with Brian Jonestown Massacre and has recorded with members of the band Calexico and her daughter, Maya Caballero, in Tucson, AZ. Her voice is in the movie soundtrack & trailer for “White Boy Brown” and has been getting recent radio play.

Legendary rock photographer, Lynn Goldsmith,groomed her as a photo agent and she repped hundreds of photographers worldwide, including Bob Gruen, Karen Hardy, Mick Rock, Glen E. Friedman, Rikky “Rickster” Powell(Beastie Boys), Nick Elgar, Dave Hogan, John Roca, Richard Corkery, Richard Young,  Ron Wolfson, Raj Rama, Jonathon Exley,etc., through the LGI Agency.

She left LGI to be Director of Sales and Bureau Chief of London Features,where she was instrumental in getting Kevin Mazur his position as staff photographer of Rolling Stone and launched /boosted the careers of Dave Lewis, James Edstrom, Dana Frank, Eddie Malluk, Frank Forcino, Alan Gordon, Diane Cohen,& many others.

She went on to open REX FEATURES NY office, where she was Bureau Chief. She became one of NY’s top photo agents, selling one time editorial photo use rights for an unheard of (at the time)$200,000 and doing dangerous undercover research to better sell photos,as part of syndicated news packages.

She is a familiar face among TV, magazine and newspaper reporters and photojournalists that she worked side by side with. She did research for Angie Bowie’s (David Bowie’s ex-wife) books and assisted with her book tours. She consulted on projects for a number of other authors, including EM Halliday and Rita Cosby, handling the NY launch of Rita’s “Blonde Ambition” tour. She teamed up with NY publicist, Claire O’Connor in 2005 and worked with her until her passing in 2011.

Her client list included Bono of U2, Paul Simon, Kenneth Cole, Giorgio Armani, Bill Cosby, The Whitney Museum, Ellis Island Museum, Steve Guttenberg(P.S., Your Cat is Dead),Paul Stuart,  Lord & Taylor, Ogilvy & Mather, Discover Card, Elizabeth Arden, Nino Cerruti, Greg Norman, Patrick Ewing, MTV, Fuji Film, Ron Howard, Reebok, Bloomingdales, Addidas, The Limited, Galyan’s,Fendi, NYC Ballet, Lincoln Center, Joe Papp Public Theater, Hewlett Packard, Target, Nintendo,Disney, General Motors, Steuben Glass, BMG Records, Grey Advertising, Dentsu, Comdex, Reading Rainbow, private collectors, etc., spanning the fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology, and sports worlds.

She appeared in the films: “Truth or Dare” with (her distant cousin that she is not in touch with)Madonna, Woody Allen’s “Celebrity”, “Nick & Jane” with David Johansen, “Miracle On 34th Street” (remake),“Papparazzi”, “2005 National Geographic Special” and Chris Carlone’s music video for Naim Amor “Reminds Me of A Song” and indy “Pocket Full of Nickels-Tresoro”. She provided locations for Mariah Carey’s first music video and Spiderman II.

She continues to be an arts agent/research consultant, is elected officer of the Daughters of the American Revolution as Regent(past Historian and Vice Regent), appointed NY State Chairman of Constitution Week, former President & current member of the Westchester Regents Roundtable, Life Member of the Regents & Vice Regents Club, has been an elected Commissioner to the Presbytery of NYC, and sits on the board of a non-profit corporation in NYC.

April was mentioned in "I’m Here, Now What?! – An Artist’s Survival Guide for NYC, by Amy Harrell, an excellent resource for actors and anyone struggling to make it in NYC, as April uses hundreds of them in her projects.

April now devotes the majority of her time to philanthropic, volunteer work, and fundraising. Her main focus is the blind and “disabled”, but she is also involved in promoting awareness of meningitis, diabetes, other health issues, and human rights. She was on the Gala Committee for the National Meningitis Association in 2013 and singlehandedly raised $100,000.00 for the Brooklyn Breast Health Partnership with a letter she wrote to the Avon Foundation.


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