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Ashley Elizabeth Smuts

Ashley Elizabeth Smuts
Location: Leominster, Ma , United States
URL: http://www.ashleysmuts.com
URL: http://www.ashleyelizabeth.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English
AIM/iChat: PhotoLove805@aol.com
Google Talk: ashley.smuts
Mobile phone: 209-607-1100
Home phone: 978-516-0370
Emergency notes: Contact Rich Pizzuti.
Last login: about 7 years ago
Member since: 03 Oct 2005 23:10


Although I have been taking pictures nearly all my life, my journey into photojournalism didn’t start with a camera. It starts and continues to be about people and the stories that they hold. Every person I meet has a unique story to be told, this is completely fascinating to me. I want to visually capture those stories and share them with the rest of the world.

I grew up in an all female single parent family. We never had the finances for the coolest cloths or makeup, but somehow enough were scraped together to feed my passion for capturing life on film.

While wrapping up my formal education at Brooks Institute in the summer of 2005, I headed to New York City for a three-month internship with Black Star Publishing. Opening my eyes to the various paths in which the photography world would take me and realizing my possibilities are endless.

I am currently residing in Leominster, MA and have signed onto the New York City based photo agency Anarchy Images.



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Charging for Travel

Okay I have sort of a bind, I’m fairly new to the photography business world and based my pricing mainly by using the “cost of doing business” next to what other photographers in my area charge. Here is the thing I have a client I have photographing VRs for the last year and have charged him an hourly rate to shoot and edit. The thing is now his VR company is growing and me bing his main photographer is adding more responsibilities to my work load including traveling to distance locations with multi-day shoots. Here is where I need your help, what do I charge him for travel. He is paying for gas, lodging, food etc. but should I be compensated somehow for the time I am away from home/studio? If so what is the general rate to base this on. Seeing that I am leaving for the assignment tomorrow night and would like to have our pricing negotiations ironed out by then and greatly appreciate anyone who can help me with this. You can email me directly at ashley.smuts@gmail.com Thank You!

15 Jul 2007 02:07 | 1 replies

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