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Barat Ali Batoor

Barat Ali Batoor

Travel History

Profession: Photographer
Location: Kabul , Afghanistan ( KBL )
Home base: Kabul
URL: http://www.batoor.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, Urdu, Hazaragi, Dari
MSN Messenger: batoor03@hotmail.com
Yahoo! Messenger: batoor2001@yahoo.com
Google Talk: batooor@gmail.com
Mobile phone: 0093-799-857179
Emergency notes: Contact 0092 812 662164.
Blood type: "O" Negati
Last login: over 2 years ago
Member since: 09 Jul 2006 12:07


Barat Ali Batoor was born in 1983, in a family that was driven out of Afghanistan during civil when most of his people, the Hazaras, were massacred. He returned to his ancestral country for first time after September 11, 2001, when the Taliban regime was still in Kandahar despite the U.S. campaign to oust them. After visiting the devastation and destruction of 23 years of war, he decided to work for his country and to draw the world’s attention to the problems facing the country and the plight of the people. He chose photography as his medium of expression.
Through his photographs, he would like to take people to see the realities of lives of the people who want their stories to be heard and seen. His works are published in magazines, newspapers and catalogues such as India Today, Outlook Afghanistan, Afghan Scene, Risk Magazine, Kabul Weekly, Afghanistan Times and others. His photographs have been exhibited in Denmark, Dubai, Australia, Pakistan, Italy, Japan and Afghanistan.



Recent Post

My Journey from Afghanistan to Australia

I am a photographer from Afghanistan. I am Hazara, worked with the allies in Kabul and had my photo essay about The Dancing Boys in Afghanistan published in The Washington Post. The consequence of those three things is that I have had to flee my home in Afghanistan. I was threatened with death and my family are also not safe and are in exile in Pakistan. As I am a photojournalist I decided that as I had to flee I would document the journey – mine and the other people who have found themselves in the same situation. We traveled down through Thailand, Malaysia and then to Indonesia where we hoped to get on a boat to Australia. Unfortunately, the boat I was on started to sink – but I had taken a handycam on the boat and even though I lost all my cameras when I ended up in the water, my camera cards survived. The link below is to the story that Australian journalist Mark Davis did on my journey. I gave him access to my stills and the moving footage. I want the world to know what happens sometimes when you tell the truth as I did with my Dancing Boys story and when you work for the allies. I am not alone in this situation, many Afghans who have helped the Americans, the British and the Australians and the Dutch etc… have their lives and their families lives threatened. I wanted to tell this story for history and because I am a photojournalist and a documenter. I hope that you will watch it.
[5:41:11 AM] Tim Page: I have also put a link to the Global Mail who did an online story about my journey.


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