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Status: Camera Owned... now learning t
Location: Amsterdam , Netherlands
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Bought a Camera, mastering photoshop manipulations, and the WPP winner for all categories you bet the coming year…

You see that I just landed in Amsterdam…


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WPP - Agree to Disagree?

Meet me…

I am the WPP winner for the coming year…

Just became a camera owner and got a pirated CD of photoshop in my bag. And you bet… I am the WPP winner the coming year.

Well… most of the single images at the WPP this year left lot to be desired. Are they strong single images or those that can just be “part” of a story?

The stories looked a little better… but hey… I forgot the use of photoshop here… in a lot of them…

The WPP-Pic of the Year is far from one telling image.

The only one that told something in RECENT years and was strong enough to fit in that category was the winner in 2004 (I think the guy was from Reuters). Reuters the British Agency? where is it missing this year?

Welcome to the WPP awards for commercial photo-shopped photojournalism…

And I do fit in here…

09 Feb 2008 18:02 | 2 replies

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