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Cameron Walker-Miller

Cameron Walker-Miller
Location: New York Ny , United States
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Video Gear Suggestions

Might someone offer suggestions to help me decide on a most appropriate package of video gear?

The equipment will be used by a crew of one, needed over the span of several weeks, in a third world situation, with limited resources.

The budget is flexible, yet not unlimited.
Mobility is a priority.

@Neal: correct, I attempted a search, with some difficulty, I’ll use your keyword tag suggestion thanks.

@PJ: Useful links, I appreciate your effort.
To answer your questions:
Travel will likely include commercial airlines, a prop plane, maybe a helicopter, various sized boats, cars and my feet. I can handle enough gear for one person, standard tape based ENG cameras consume the majority of my experience, as far as size and weight. Shooting this particular story will not require much editing on the road, so a portable VTR is not necessary, though if media cards are used, editing first-cuts on the laptop I’d offload on might be a probable. Deciding between tape v hard drive is a pressing question that I hope to find the answer to here. There is depth to my experience type and amount, though I’m very adaptable my experience in 3rd world situations is limited. DSLRs are attractive, The Canon 5DM2 (with an aux mic) perhaps, but controlling the focus, card wrangling, and the camera’s physical lightness might present a few issues, though that is just an observation from my limited usage with that camera.

01 Feb 2010 23:02 | 6 replies

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