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Carlos Filipe Operti

Carlos Filipe Operti
Profession: Photographer
Status: The dream of flight
Location: Rio De Janeiro , Brazil
Home base: Rio de Janeiro
URL: http://www.carlosoperti.fot.br
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: Portuguese, English
Organization: MIG20 Editorial
Skype: Carlos carlos.operti
Last login: over 1 year ago
Member since: 30 Oct 2006 18:10


I bought my first camera, an automatic 35mm Yashica, when I was 14 years old. I spent a long time saving money from my monthly allowance to finally be able to say: I took a picture! It was my faithful mate till I entered the college for the first time, at age of 20. At the same time my passion on aviation got me to the staff of a brand new brazilian aviation magazine. There I realized that I was at the same position of those I used to admire. So I decided that I should improve my photographic skills to reach my place among the guys who spend the life around the magnificent flying machines. Then came a Zenit, and after my first Nikon (yes, I love Nikon). Years passed, and I got some experience in aviation and military subjects. A bunch of trips and assignments off-base. A few operations with the Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Air Force, a good number of airshows. Two times in Haiti with the Brazilian forces of the UN Stabilization Mission for that country. That´s my habitat.
Now I use that feeling to explore other areas, to meet new concepts and improve my comprehension about diferent points of view.
In the begining of 2004 I gave up of my studies on History and started a new graduation on Journalism. At the same year I got along with three other guys and we started a new project, the Base Militar Web Magazine, a website dedicated to stories and pictures of military and aviation subjects.
Today I droped off from the website, and got all by myself. Enjoying the freelance life and going on my own projects, also looking for assignements that chalenge me.



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