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Christophe Cousin

Christophe Cousin
Profession: film director & writer
Location: [location unknown]
Home base: France
URL: http://www.christophe-cousin.com
URL: http://www.facebook.com/christophecousinofficiel
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Languages spoken: French, english
Skype: Chris chris.cousin1
Mobile phone: +33672001435
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Christophe Cousin has dedicated his life to adventure, writing, image and travels. In the discovery of his own geography, his playground is the mystery of faraway lands, his vehicle the slow means of transportation, the source of his testimony the diversity and richness of the human nature. He proclaims the subjectivity of the eye of the traveler as much in the writing as in the picture. Meeting at eye-level, he is interested in people who live in the shadow of his world.

From 2003 to 2005, Chris goes on a round the world bicycling adventure of 20.000 miles, a growth experience that brings him the attention of the famed French editor Arthaud who publishes his first book “Happiness at my handlebars”.

From 2003 to 2007, he travels wide across the world, from Lituania to Madagascar, from Danemark to India, finally to the USA, in search of utopian societies, meeting with people who are sowing the seed of a better world. In 2007, he writes a string of articles for magazines, focusing on various American communities. For the Flammarion Editions, he writes another successful book, a compilation of his travels titles “On the Road to Utopia”.
Christophe lives between Paris, his native rural Gatinais and the end of the world. Since 2007, he directs and presents a TV series titled “Nomads Land” (13 × 52mn) for “The New Explorers” on Canal+ channel. He focuses on the relationship between men, their environments and nomadic lifestyles. He goes along with those living right in the middle of nowhere-land, the Tuaregs and their salt caravans as much as the itinerant prostitutes on the roads of Nevada; the Evenk reindeer herders in Yakutia and the Salesian missionaries on the Rio Negro.
The adventure is his quest: the one around the corner or at the end of the road. He also directs travel and discovery documentaries for many other French shows such as “The Mythical roads” and “Great escape” on TV5 and “Let’s not dream about it” on France 3 channel.
In 2011, he writes with the photographer Matthieu Paley : “In the wheels of Jack Kerouac” for La Martiniere Editions.


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Looking for a fixer in Bangladesh, Center Africa and Irland

For a documentary series, I am looking for a fixer in each of these countries :
The documentaries are about people living on the road, nomadic people and itinerant communities, gold seekers…
Thanks for your help.

11 Feb 2012 14:02 | 1 replies

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