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Claudius Schulze

Claudius Schulze

Travel History

Profession: Photographer
Status: http://claudiusschulze.com
Location: Brussels , Belgium
Home base: Istanbul
URL: http://claudiusschulze.com
URL: http://lonely-island.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Journal: http://claudiusschulze.com/blog
Skype: Claudius claudius.schulze
Mobile phone: +49.179.32 458 23
Home phone: +32.497.30 39 69
Work phone +90.539.76 64 76 4
Last login: about 3 years ago
Member since: 28 Jan 2008 10:01


As a photographer, Claudius Schulze travelled and worked in over forty countries, concentrating on extended photographic projects. Though a documentary photographer, he tries to depict the imagined rather than the factual, always striving to find the world that lies below the surfaces of the obvious.

His book Socotra is a visual journey to the idea of islands, strange and magical. It earned him the invitation to become an Associate with the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and a nomination for the World Press Photo’s Master Class.

Claudius’ work has appeared in numerous international publications including Geo, Stern, Der Spiegel, GQ, and Men’s Health. His photographs have been exhibited in London, New York, Istanbul, and Brussels.

Currently, Claudius is working on his next project, Apocalypse (Istanbul), which explores everyday life in a place that is doomed, asking questions about mankind’s dealing with risk and foreseeable death and loss.

Prior to photography, Claudius Schulze was originally trained in Conflict Resolution. He studied Political Science and Islamic Studies at Hamburg University and received a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Sabanci University, Istanbul, as well as a Master’s degree in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at LCC, University of the Arts London. He currently lives in Brussels.

He is represented by the German agency laif. Claudius loves his engaging Istanbul life, but you can send him on a worldwide assignment at any time.


Recent Post

Call for application: Part Time Assistant (32h/m)


Some people might complain about the state of the economy, but I can’t. Business is good and it’s developing well. As a result, I am inundated with office tasks that should be shared. I am a creative; I do not like to work alone at my desk. I spend increasing time exactly with that – sitting alone at my desk. For that reason I am looking for somebody (m/f) to support me in my work (making me sit less at my desk and spend more time making art) and to work together with (working less alone). As business is growing, I want to hire a co-worker (part time, 32h per months) to tackle the next projects.
Job Description:

- Project support
I have ideas all the time and I am a “can-doer” but some help is necessary. We will explore the feasibility of mad ideas and will do everything to make it happen.

- Active client acquisition
One of the greatest things of photography is its independency of languages. Yet, I focused on Germany so far. You will have to help me to explore other countries – USA, France, Spain, Italy. Also, in a fit of madness, I promised my accountant to get more active in the corporate and art market. I need somebody to “explore” those “markets”.

- Planning and organizing of exhibitions
Exhibitions are great and great fun. So much fun that I’d like to have more of it. I need your help scouting exhibition opportunities, sketching ideas – for solo and collaborative exhibitions –, and getting everything going.

- Doing PR
Sending out mailers, keeping the blog up to date, getting facebook likes – that’s all stuff that has to happen on a regular basis and something that is best done with joint forces.

Your Profile:

- Creative can-doer
You have to be artistic and active. Spinning ideas, making plans, explore new options – I am open for anything. As a “creative”, I work in cafés and on the road as long as my notebook’s battery life lasts. Yet, things have to get done at the end of the day (creative comes from create).

- Multi-lingual
Did I say something about the pan-linguism of photography before? Unfortunately, I am not and we should speak a couple of languages combined.

- Well-connected in the “industry”
You calling up my contacts is good. You bringing in additional ones that will help us reach out further – even better. Art market? Corporate? Faraway countries? Yeeha!

- Open for intensive collaboration
I am not looking for a secretary. Absolutely not. Rather, I want somebody to intensively work together with. This is collaboration and its mutual. Maybe we can share some off-projects?

The Offer:

- Flexible working hours
I don’t care when work gets done as long as it gets done!

- Flexible working place
I don’t care where work gets done as long as it gets done!
I am traveling a lot myself and it is completely unnecessary if you’d man a studio that is otherwise empty. That said, we should spend a couple of days together every month to spin ideas. Team spirit! So you shouldn’t mind spending some time in Brussels (that’s my basecamp for the time being).

- Fair payment
This could be an unpaid internship – because you’ll gain so much experience and: Hey it’s so cool. It is not, however. I don’t like unpaid internships. Unpaid internships are unfair. They’re exploitive. Bad, bad, bad. Unfortunately, there aren’t funds to pay for a full time positions either (nobody is getting rich in this business.) Be ensured, there will be fair compensation.

What do you think? Are you up for it? It will be a great experience, for both of us. Freelance photo editors, art directors, and curators – I am looking forward to your applications: http://claudiusschulze.com/blog/2011/call-for-application-part-time-assistant/


27 Dec 2011 16:12 | 3 replies

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