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Daniele Bora

Daniele Bora

Travel History

Profession: Writer and Photographer
Status: http://www.danibora.com
Location: Addis Ababa , Ethiopia
Home base: Cape Town, South Africa
URL: http://danibora.blogspot.com/
URL: http://www.needmagazine.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, Italian, French, Spanish
Journal: http://www.travelpod.com/members/dani.bora
MSN Messenger: thanksdanny@hotmail.com
Skype: Dani dani.bora
Google Talk: thanksdanny@googlemail.com
Mobile phone: 0044 784 6949 289 (UK)
Home phone: 0039 320 0423 314 (Italy)
Work phone 0027 782 631 533 (South Africa)
Blood type: 0 positive
Last login: over 4 years ago
Member since: 25 May 2006 21:05


Dani is a journalist, photographer, layout artist, and social scientist.

A seasoned and skilled traveler, he covers subjects as diverse as lifestyle and human interest stories, social issues and humanitarian crises.



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Recent Post

How much to chrage for a corporate brochure-writing freelance job?

Hi all,

I know this will be the umpteenth message posted on the subject of coming up with a fee to charge a corporate client…please feel free to direct me to any other thread that could help.

But here’s my scenario: I wake up this morning, first day of the new year, and an old friend I worked with in the past sends me an email asking my daily rate for the writing of a 8-page brochure and a visit to Bangladesh at the end of Jan. She might also be willing to assign me to take pictures for it: “several disks of high-quality, unlimited usage, rights-free images.” …

I feel I should come up with two different quotes, but I need some advice as this would be my first corporate job…especially re: the photography. Is it right of them to ask me for full rights? How much should they be ready to pay for that? I don’t wanna come across as cheap, but I also know my limitations and don’t want to blow a longer-term relationship…

To recap:

Client: American NGO called Land O’Lakes International Development — who were originally going to hire a big PR firm for one-stop shopping but were then put off by their quotes…

Job: research and write up of a 8-page brochure about a “multi-year school feeding and nutrition program that’s just wrapping up” AND (maybe) “several disks of high-quality, unlimited usage, rights-free images”

Time: 5-7 days in country plus write up/pics editing and deliver (till the end of March)

01 Jan 2010 13:01 | 0 replies


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