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D. Zhan


Travel History

Profession: Photographer/Lecturer
Status: digital image, stock photo, Ta
Location: Kaohsiung , China
Home base: Taiwan
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English,Chinese
Last login: over 5 years ago
Member since: 24 Dec 2005 06:12



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Has anyone worked with EyePress photo agency?

Hi, everyone:

Has anyone ever cooperated with EyePress photo agency?
I have problem with this agency, I’m looking for advice to sort of it.
I have given some photos to EyePress photo agency (based in HK) for 2 years, I’m living and working in Taiwan, so I thought it’s a good idea to cooperate with it while I was starting to work with photo agency in 2004.

Recently, I’m managing my photos I sent to agencies, I think it’s not necessary to keep them on EyePress photo agency’s website, because they are not sold well as I hope.
So I have written a formal letter by post-mail to the director of agency, request to delete all of my photos on its website and close my transmitting account.
After one month, my photos are still active on line.
Few days ago, I sent an e-mail to it, repeated my request again, then there is no message to me from agency. Obviously, the agency has ignored my letter.

My first question is, does photo agency have the right to keep my photos online forever, after I have asked it to delete them?
The second question, is this a normal situation between photographers and photo agencies around the world?
What can I do next?
To send the second letter to EyePress photo agency, but what can I write on letter?
To dial an international telephone to the director, to express my wish again, what can I say to it?


21 Feb 2007 09:02 | 5 replies


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