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David Friedman

Profession: Photojournaliist
Location: New York City , United States
Home base: Norwalk, CT
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Languages spoken: English
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Last login: about 6 years ago
Member since: 03 Oct 2005 13:10


These days I’m a sometimes shooter, most-of-the-time multimedia picture editor in New York City.


Recent Post

Power strip in Europe with USA gear

I’m preparing for my first shooting trip in Europe – I’ll be in Italy and France primarily with a brief stop in U.K. I know that the power bricks for all my gear (laptop, Nikon charger, video camera, etc.) can handle the range of voltage inputs (120-240V). But they’re all USA type plugs. So what’s the easiest way for me to plug all these things in while I’m over there? Can a USA power strip/surge protector handle 220V, in which case I’d just have to put a single plug adapter on the wall plug for the power strip? Or do I need a specific 220V power strip? If I buy a stip over there, will it have all Euro style plugs, that I’ll then have to adapt all my gears’ plugs into?

Note, I do understand that there is a different plug type for mainland Europe vs. U.K.


18 Apr 2006 17:04 | 2 replies


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