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Name Profession Location Home Base Languages Spoken
Bassel Mawlawi
Salah Malkawi Photographer gallery Amman Jordan English, Greek, and Arabic
Nader Daoud Photographer gallery amman Amman, Jordan English
Nadia Bseiso Photographer Amman Amman-Jordan Arabic, English, Russian, and Italian
Don Mirra Photographer Amman San Diego, California english
Bill Lyons Photographer gallery Amman Amman, Jordan English & Arabic
sandy danbury Photographer/I... gallery Amman London English and little Spanish/French
dwane martin
Monique Jaques Photojournalist Amman Istanbul english, french, and smattering of portuguese
Atallah Mousa Photojournalist gallery Amman Jordan,Amman English and Arabic
Nidahl Haddad Amman New York City English and Some Spanish
Ghaith Free lancer Amman.Jordan Amman,Jordan
Alisa Reznick
Leena Yaghi gallery amman UAE, JORDAN ARABIC, ROMANIAN, andENGLISH
Zeina Azouqa Bilgili G. Des. / Illu... gallery Amman Nuremberg Arabic, English, French, Turkish, and German
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