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Name Profession Location Home Base Languages Spoken
Palo Markovič gallery Bratislava Bratislava, Slovakia English, Slovak, Czech, Spanish, and Russian
Ksenja O Fixer & Interp... Bratislava Kiev, Ukraine English, Russian, and Ukrainian
Martin Cervenansky Photojournalist Bratislava London
Jozef Jakubco photojournalist gallery Bratislava Bratislava/Slovakia Slovak, Czech, English, and
Julián Péter Freelance phot... Bratislava Bratislava, Slovakia English, German, Slovak, and Czech
Martin Ilcik gallery Bratislava bratislava/ slovakia English, German, Slovak, and Czech
Vladimir Simicek photographer gallery Bratislava Bratislava english and slovak
Juro Kovacik photographer gallery bratislava Bratsilava, Slovakia english and slovak
to-mas Tomas Halasz Photojournalist gallery Bratislava Bratislava english, czech, and slovak
Miroslav Bakos IT-Telco Nové Mesto nad Váhom http://www.mirez.sk
Silvia Razgova photographer gallery Liptovsky Hradok Abu Dhabi, UAE English, Slovak, Czech, proficient Russian, and working on Arabic
Veronika Jurcikova gallery Dolný Kubín Slovak and English
Martin Rytych DTP gallery Bratislava
Andrew Hillard Photographer gallery Bratislava English and Slovak
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