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Name Profession Location Home Base Languages Spoken
Kadri fixer,translat... kilis Diyarbakir,Turkey Turkish, English, Arabic, Kurdish, andZaza
Gigi Goknur Olguner Photographer Istanbul United States Turkish, English, and French
Hans Hochstoeger photographer gallery Istanbul Vienna German, English, Portuguese, and a bit of Spanish and Turkish
Gencer Yurttas Photographer gallery istanbul istanbul
Huseyin Onan Photographer, ... gallery Istanbul Istanbul Turkish and English
Abdurrahman Antakyali Photojournalis... gallery Ankara Ankara
Levent Sindel Photographer Istanbul Istanbul Turkish and English
Nuh Lalbay www.nuhlalbay.net Turkish and english
Emre Oktay Sports Photogr... gallery Istanbul Istanbul English
edris translator Turkey. Sanliurfa. Suruc Turkey . Sanliurfa. Suruc Arabic and English and Kurdish
Ozgur Baykal photographer/f... gallery Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey English and Turkish
esra saydam Director/Producer Istanbul, New York
Martyn Aim Photographer gallery Erbil Istanbul, Turkey
Jodi Hilton Photojournalist gallery Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey English, Italian, and little Turkish
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