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Profession: Photographer / Writer
Status: www.indonesiawild.com
Location: Bali , Indonesia ( DPS )
URL: http://djunapix.com
URL: http://archive.djunapix.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Mobile email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Espanol
Organization: Indonesia Wild
Journal: http://blog.djunapix.com
Mobile phone: +62 (0)812 385 5853
Emergency notes: Contact Joe Yaggi -- +62 (0)812 381 3887.
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Member since: 25 Apr 2006 21:04


notes from a fragile archipelago…

I love Indonesia…climbing the trees, plumbing the seas, providing entertainment for the locals. I work with conservation organizationss and editorial markets, my efforts subsidized by hardship postings at luxury villas.

My mediums are words or pictures, or film with Jungle Run Productions, sometimes all of the above.

Visit me in Bali (villa photos at Cahaya Foto) or around my favored haunts at Indonesia Wild.

Below, some projects, prospects and passions. They’re for sale, for assignment and for insight into ideas that excite me. Poaching punishable in your next life as a Balinese street dog! Collaboration perhaps welcome…

The Volcano and the Wizard

photos and text available

In its latest fury, Merapi, one of the world’s most dangerous and densely populated volcanoes, spat burning ash, gas and boulders under the nose of scientists and onto the doorstep of a Javanese wizard. The loss of life and the livelihoods of villagers who did or didn’t flee are depicted in a Krakauer-like countdown to disaster by writer Marc Herman. He finds that on Merapi, centerpiece of ancient Indonesian kingdoms, the views of scientists and sultan-appointed seers aren’t so far removed—all observers defer to nature’s greater power.

Timber Tracking

stock, stories, footage and film now available

Fighting the world’s highest rate of forest loss (an area the size of Belgium each year) Indonesia tries out technology better known from the checkout stand. Bar codes track timber from stump to shelf, helping buyers tell good wood from bad and keep their money out of illegal logging.

Canopy View

stock and stories available, ongoing project

Essays and photo essays from the roof of the rainforest. Encounters with hungry bears, bloated pythons, palm-sized primates and preposterous bird of paradise. Adventures with animists and poachers-turned guides. Dizzying perspectives on the “forest photic zone”, where life tackles its most outrageous experiments far from prying eyes. Until now.

Look Ma, No Dams!

upcoming print and film project

In the largest experiment of its kind, 35,000 villages tap electricity from “run-of-the-river” micro-hydro generators. Do try this at home!

Muslims Who Still Practice Magic

limited stock available, big or small prospect

Seers and shamans, sorcerers and healers weave a colorful past and present in the world’s most populous Muslim country. But the mesh of mystical Islam and yet more ancient traditions is now rapidly unraveling in Indonesia’s rush toward orthodoxy.

A Million Years of Mariners

stock available, ongoing passion, stories big and small

Investigating our maritime Cape Canaveral, where human ancestors set out on their first known sea voyage, unleashes some 900,000 years of sailing yarns. From Java Man’s John Glenn to the Astronesians who colonized half the globe, from the mammoth ships of Sriwijaya to the fearsome Bugis “pirates”, hidden histories of Indonesian seafarers are now being revived. And while traces of the past yet thrive among some sea people of Tanah Air (Land of Water), still more are fast disappearing.



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Recent Post

Licensing Quandary - Client Merger

Hi all,

In these days of rampant mergers and acquisitions, I wonder if rights-savvy Lightstalkers have precedents to share about licensed images in the fray? Recent experience tells me this topic deserves our attention, and explicit language in contracts.

My case:

  • Images are commissioned from me; contract affirms that copyright stays with me and limited (albeit broad) rights are granted to client – a property marketing agency
  • Commissions over the course of 5 years result in some thousands of very profitable images stored electronically in the agency’s archives
  • I enjoy a great relationship with the agency – lots of referrals, good money (about 75% of my income), glowing praise, and, through time, a mature understanding of the limits on rights granted – potential third-party licensors are directed to me
  • marketing agency merges with (or is acquired by?) a much larger, international agency; I am not appraised of this until after the fact; I am no longer getting work (my quality and rates are too up-scale for the new venture?); and *my library of images continues to be used by the new agency, under a new name, though still technically a partner of the old agency, legally operating under the name of the old agency here in Bali*; in addition, I detect plans to use images in a book – not a right granted under my contracts.
  • I live and work on a small island (Bali). Metaphorically, we all do! In the long run, I would rather be an ally than an adversary of the new agency. Sadly, as they are not well-versed in intellectual property rights, they will likely get pissed at the mere mention of such things. I have a lot of awkward educating on my plate! First meeting: tomorrow a.m. Eek!

INPUT REQUESTED: All insight on this matter is of great interest to me. In particular, it would nice to stuff a big-name legal precedent in my back pocket. Like what happened when Time met AOL met Warner… Or something like that!

Many thanks!!

20 Jan 2011 06:01 | 0 replies


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