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Eric Don-Arthur

Eric Don-Arthur
Profession: Lightwright
Location: Accra , Ghana ( KIA )
Home base: Ghana, West-Africa.
URL: http://ericdonarthur.photosight.ru
Email: •••••••• (private)
Mobile email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, Russkyi (Russian), Deutsch,
Mobile phone: •••••••• (private)
Emergency notes: Contact
Blood type: A+
Last login: 8 days ago
Member since: 11 Nov 2005 10:11


Its true, that seeing is indeed believing.
The unity of heart and mind,
the soul’s intent does manifest,
creating health and wealth and might.
In each and every instance of divinely guided revelation,
the Truth is: Faith, complete like justice blind is truly sight!

Faith works through Love,
the Choice of freely giving and forgiving.
An attitude of gratitude,
of giving, of allowing, peace and joy and light.
The golden core that binds all being,
all of God’s commandments.
The random acts of kindness,
harmony of nature’s day and night.

The narrow path, the small still voice,
the answer hiding in the open,
from time to time the conscious choice is made by some.
When deep amidst the storming seas of roaring darkness,
the Light of Love will lift,
and guide the blind one home…

Eric Don-Arthur. I am an ordinary man. I live in Accra – the capital of Ghana, West-Africa.
l love Children, Music, Dance, Martial Arts, People, Nature, History,
Science, Flowers, Fun, Poetry and some other things…like -PHOTOGRAPHY :)))



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Searching for Truth on error99!

A Canon systems user of 20 plus years, I purchased an EOS 20D # 1320920547 on 08/05.05 from BH on 9th Ave. in NYC. Within 1-2 months of the purchase I encountered the error 99 message on a few ocassions – and each time removing and reloading the battery resolved the problem. Now after nearly a year of normal (and very careful) operation I suddenly (literally from one day to the next) notice that I cannot shoot on the program setting of my EOS 20D using the wide end of my 17-85 IS lens without getting briefly straying and failing autofocus and an error99 message and, no image after taking the shot! This phenomenon appears to be accompanied by a partial loss of control over the aperture and an overall failure of accurate metering. I can however shoot at the mid or tele end of the same lens with normal results. And when I set the camera to completely manual mode I can shoot normally. What could the explanation for this be and how best can this be permanently resolved, repaired and prevented?

12 Aug 2006 18:08 | 5 replies

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