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Don Harper

Don Harper

Travel History

Profession: Photographer
Status: zEdge
Location: Ventura, California , United States
Home base: Washington DC
URL: http://www.theEdgePhotography.com
URL: http://www.Arlington-Photographer.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, German
Organization: Edge Photography
Journal: http://theedge.bigfolioblog.com/
Work phone 703.669.1000
Emergency notes: •••••••• (private)
Last login: 5 months ago
Member since: 28 Sep 2006 23:09


Don and his wife Ines opened The Edge Photography thirteen years ago in historic Leesburg Virginia. They are now working on documenting state park landscapes, nature and developing time-lapse videos. Don and Ines have already numerous International Accolades of Excellence for their portrait and wedding photography. They have also judged several photography competitions.
Don’s love of photography dates back to grade school when he developed and printed his own black and white prints in a home darkroom. He later graduated to color darkroom work and moved from a second-hand Kodak Brownie instamatic to an Agfa SLR while living in England.
Don was the team photographer for a number of National Speleological Society (NSS) Caving Expeditions lasting up to a week underground and presenting the most difficult challenges for a photographer. He also obtained his first Nikon camera and accumulated an extensive collection of lenses and lights for every photographic situation.
Later his photographic work expanded to scientific photography including ultra thin slicing of geological specimens for publication. The most notable was the publication of microscopic algae specimens that are approximately 2 billion years old. He also published early images of cardiac ultrasound images revealing the heart in a new modality.
Don has photographed and produced a number of underwater presentations and also taught underwater photography and wreck diving to scuba divers.
Don has studied with a number of leading photographers including Tony Corbell The Master of Light, Jim and Cathy Church innovators in underwater photography, Rick Ferro romantic wedding photography, Joyce Wilson family portraits, David Anthony Williams from Australia contemporary wedding photography, Larry Peters high school senior photography, and Bob Grove at the National Gallery of Art Recent work includes workshops with Bambi Cantrell and Will Crockett. All are acclaimed photographers in their fields and Bob recently won an Emmy for his Adobe Photoshop work in the PBS special Vermeer, the master of light
Don says he has graduated from photography in the most difficult environments, to the most challenging subjects; Portraits of people and their pets.

Don Harper is a member of the following organizations:
Professional Photographers of America PPA
Wedding & Portrait Photographers International WPPI
Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers UK SWPP
British Professional Photographers Association UK BPPA
National Association of Photoshop Professionals NAPP
Shenandoah Wedding Professionals of Virginia SWP
Hunt Country Celebrations, President (Third Term) HCC
WEPSA Wedding & Event Professionals South Asia (Founding Member)
Sponsor Fred Miranda Sessions

Don & Ines have won a number of International Accolades Of Excellence in Portrait Photography including;
Bridal Portraits (2005)
Children Portraiture (2005)
Pet Portraits (2005)
High School Portraiture (2005)
Fashion (2006) (2006) (2006)
Illustrative (2006)
Wedding Albums (2006)
He has also judged a number of Photography Competitions.

Our latest work is a large program at Arlington National Cemetery. Here is a link to that website that’s quite different from our portrait and event website.


Recent Post

Loss of Wes Skiles Photographer

Wes Skiles: The abrupt loss of a great person, explorer and photographer.

On Wednesday one of my heroes died. Wes Skiles was the consummate caver diver, adventurer, photographer and videographer. His death comes as National Geographic features one of his images on the cover of the August issue and a long feature inside about the wonderful blue holes in the Bahamas. Without checking I think he’s been a photographer for at least 4 major articles in the Yellow covered magazine.

Wes survived many adventures against all odds and his favorite quote on facebook really sums up what he was about.

Actually a advertisement for Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica: “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success”. Pretty much reflects my real life…

A modest man that found public speaking a hurdle to deal with he always said to his friends. "Let me know I’m talking to my friends give me a big “Hey Now” when I get up to the podium."

I can’t say his loss is unexpected, rather I’m surprised he made it as many years as he did.
I think Wes felt the same way, a sense of wonder that he was still here after some really amazing expeditions.

I spent a lot of time caving with the National Speleological Society and even more time diving as a PADI instructor and underwater photographer, but when I tried cave diving I found the avocation that just had odds stacked to badly out of my favor. It was one of the few crazy things I’ve done that made me say “No this isn’t a good idea”. Wes did this for decades and created wonderful images, added greatly to our knowledge regarding the underwater and subterranean world from Australia to his home in the Florida springs.

I see the luminescence from his fins lighting the dark sea as Wes strokes ahead of us leading the way through the darkness on the ocean at night. Wonders to see and new frontiers to explore. There are rare chances for someone to be the first person to see a place never before visited by man. Wes was one of the few of us to enjoy that thrill.

At Ginnie Springs on Wednesday his friends will gather to celebrate the life of Wes Skiles. I wish I could be there and shout out “Hey Now”
And Wes in turn I expect you to reply and let us know you reached the other side and shout out a big “HEY NOW”.
RIP for Wes Skiles

24 Jul 2010 03:07 | 1 replies


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