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Elijah Rock

Elijah Rock
Profession: Artist, Singer, Actor
Status: Preacher of Love
Location: Los Angeles , United States
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Languages spoken: Enlish
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-Lets start from the beginning. Elijah Rock is NEW He is that new and rare breed of artist that comes along and just shakes things up! His talent, versatility, and experience is unparalleled in the recording industry. In Cleveland, Ohio his path opened up to him in the church where he began singing at the tender age of six. The gospel of song and spirit propelled him into various phases of music, but the original thrust has always been rooted in gospel music. Gospel music has a hold of his very essence and he reveres Its power and energy; an energy that will make anyone stand and break into a Soul Clap!! As his gift of music matured and evolved, Elijah honed his craft singing in many different opera productions including La Boheme, Carmen, and Turandot. In high school, he became one of the first vocalists to be accepted into the prestigious Young Artists Program at the Cleveland Institute of Music. In addition to his formal training, Elijah has been around the world and back again! In 1996, he moved to Los Angeles and became a soloist with the Los Angeles Jubilee Singers. This experience took him around the United States and abroad. Elijah specialized in singing the Negro Spirituals and various African Folk Songs. After his tours ended, he began to really hone his craft by producing and performing his own solo showcases, most notably, a show entitled, Things Are What They Used To Be, performed in New York City. While in New York, Elijah also acted on and off Broadway; you mean the boy can ACT!?! Elijah Rock is FUNK-TI-FIED Elijahs style, carriage, and essence is indeed funky and unique. New York fed his creative energy and spawned an artist that understood his gospel roots, but recognized the sounds, the sights, and the character that most people affectionately call The City. Harlem, New York has always been recognized as a breeding ground for artists, and after spending five years in Harlem honing his writing and performance skills, Elijah began to absorb and transform the hip hop element that feeds his complex sound. Elijah Rock is SOULFUL A free spirit that will soon be known to all who experience his immense talent and Love, returned to Los Angeles with all of the tools that would contribute to his sound. It didnt take long before his energy reached the eyes and ears of Scott Rickett and Virgin Recording Artist Ricky Fante. Scott and Ricky are co-founders of the independent record label Soul Surfer Records. They saw in Elijah an enigma; an artist who has been able to purge gospel, folk, jazz, hip hop, and classical into a sound that is indescribable. It is a sound that you have to experience for yourself; a sound like no other. Elijahs soul has been plentifully fed by many influences and he has been able to channel It into words, music and dance. When asked about his fresh new sound he said, Let your Spirit take hold of the NEW FUNK SOUL. -Words by Dushon (Acclaimed Poet)



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A tribute to James Joe Brown, Jr.
On Christmas Day 2006, the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, passed on into Glory. Into a Glory that resides in the realm of consciousness called Heaven or the Eternal Bliss. God blessed Mr. Brown, for he reigned as one of the most prolific renaissance entertainers of the 20th Century. After I heard of his death, I took a moment to try to remember when exactly, I had discovered The Godfather for the first time. It eluded me. Then the realization slowly dawned. When was there a time when I wasn’t hearing James Brown? That deep, gritty, and igneous funk had been shouting, “hit me,” on the 1’s and 2’s before I was born. I was born in 1975 if you’re wondering. And that makes me apart of what has become the lost hip-hop generation. Hip-hop was birthed by the soul of Mr. B. Can you dig it? I want Mr. Brown to know that in my humble opinion he danced and moved like a man possessed by the Holy Spirit. His preacher -like cadence and emphatic incantations shook the rafters of any venue he graced. His Funk drove fast. It was steady and stoic and influenced by the consistency of a firm and contagious Count Basie backbeat. I couldn’t wait to see him Live last year at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. And when I saw him, I was full of pride and reverence. I’d never been as impressed by a performer’s skill, poise, and showmanship. Someone like a Sammy Davis Jr. could only parallel the intricacies of James Brown’s showmanship. He was a living legend that I’m sure many of us at one time took for granted. His background singers, the Jewels, robustly sang and sashayed their hips with kinetic energy. His sideman even looked tired from the many years of being on the road but he still looked good.
If you listen to James Brown it is inevitable that you will discover something exciting and new and you’ll become more deeply rooted in your own esoteric Funk. What is the Funk one might ask? It is unique to everyone. I would surmise the Funk as being a repetitious groove that drives deeply into the bowls of your soul, that African drum that beats and beats and succinctly draws you into alignment with your higher self. However, it isn’t just about the groove that sets this musical expression apart. The music also comes with a prolific yet simple message, the same message that Jesus taught. Simply, we are All ONE! When Mr. Brown sang the infamous line, “I’m Black, I’m black and I’m proud,” what he was really saying is that black people are as equal to any other human race on the planet. His words and the power behind them represent one of the most profound personal, social and spiritual affirmations beckoned by a black entertainer at the time. For me the sentiment inherently makes me feel proud. Black folks had not yet heard these kinds of social statements on the world stage of entertainment for over 400 years. Mr. Brown was interested in how the truth in his Funk provoked us and he was equally dedicated to the social responsibility of being a music superstar and innovator. The lesson here is that when we speak our truths by way of our creativity with the kind of gusto in his vocal expressions and with the kind of resounding bellow only to be exalted by his honest proclamations to be free and treated as an equal human being, we all will certainly gain the attention of our brothers and sisters thirsting for Love and a kind heart. Mr. Brown was a spiritual messenger in that on the stage, only he could articulate the pain behind the cries of his people purely, effortlessly and with dynamic intensity.
Mr. Brown’s music also led me to the discovery of the Funky constitution inside of me. It has altered the way I walk and talk. His essence, his dancing and his soulful grooves heavily influence the ways in which I articulate my creativity and showmanship lyrically and musically. The freedom that I allow myself to experience when I perform comes from the feelings of liberation that can only be extracted from the Funk. Though I personally have spent much time in the study of the classical, blues, jazz and hip-hop genres, I always feel more electrified and alive when I spin a James Brown record. “Hot Pants,” invariably grabs me from my seat and I have to dance my James B. ditty.
I just finished listening to my James Brown Greatest Hits album and I suddenly realized that I couldn’t find my copy of his Live Performance at the Apollo album. It’s important that I own this special piece of Funk to remember him by. I love you Mr. B. and when our souls greet each other, maybe you will allow me to throw the infamous cape over your grand and noble shoulders. In the words of your great anthem, Please, Please, Please, rest in Peace!

Words by Elijah Rock (Preacher of Love)


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