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Flavia Abdurahman

Flavia Abdurahman

Travel History

Profession: Media & Peace-building
Status: Video Journalist & NGO Founder
Location: Sydney , Australia ( SYD )
Home base: Sydney, Australia
URL: http://vimeo.com/nomadculture
URL: http://www.facebook.com/PeacebuildingTV
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, French, basic German
Organization: Nomad Culture & PeacebuildingTV
Skype: Nomadculture NomadCulture
Last login: 10 months ago
Member since: 10 Feb 2007 06:02


Founder of PeacebuildingTV in January 2012.
Interim website: www.facebook.com/PeacebuildingTV

Before? 18 years’ fully professional TV field production experience. For 7 of those years, I was full-time with SBS TV Australia (1989-1996), a national TV broadcaster. For the following 11 years, I have been an independent Video Journalist & Producer.

Speciality? Political current affairs & documentaries in conflict areas. Community & stakeholder engagement. Setting up information & professional networks.

As a Video Journalist, I research, film & script my own work.
99% of my work is ‘in the field’ – including extensive overland travel, which means I’m used to working solo or in small teams, living & working in harsh conditions & not-so-friendly environments; dealing with strict broadcast deadlines, delivering broadcast-standard material; being diplomatic & handling sensitive information…My clients & co-workers still talk to me…

As an independent VJ, my Client List includes:
GIZ Nakivale Office, Uganda, 2010-11
Australians for UNHCR, 2010
Al Jazeera English online (Citizens’ Views, US Presidential Elections, Nov. 2008)
Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Afghanistan (2005-6)
UN Mission to Afghanistan (2005)
GIZ Kabul Office, Afghanistan 2005-6
Cooperazione Italiana, Kabul Office, Afghanistan 2005
Channel NewsAsia Singapore as Special Correspondent in Kabul, Afghanistan for First Presidential Elections (2004-5)
CBS ‘60 Minutes’ USA (2005)
ABC TV Australia (2003, 2006)
SBS TV Australia (1994, 2002-3)
Channel 9 ‘60 Minutes’ Australia (2006)
Kate Dowd Casting (2006)

Assignments include:
Uganda (2010-12)
Austria (2008)
St Lucia (2008)
Afghanistan (2003 & 2004-6)
Australia (various)
India (2002)
South Africa (1993-4)
Mozambique (1993-4)
Malawi (1993)
China (1992)
Thailand (1992)

Advice to newcomers to the industry?
I’m available for work and approachable if you’re setting yrselves up and need advice.

My advice to budding VJs? Take advice from us who’ve been in the field long-term & listen to it. It can save you much heartache & money. I had advice & didn’t listen to it & learnt the hard way. But I still love the work & the experiences. But I could have taken short-cuts. So, please ask & I’ll be happy to give advice.

If you don’t make it too hard on yrselves, this is an EXTREMELY rewarding career on a personal level, if you’re adventurous. Get yourselves a passive second income. You’ll need it!

2011- I was a volunteer, training refugees in Peace-building – mainly Somali from Mogadishu & Congolese from Eastern DRC. Their faith that the future can be different from the past, coupled with a genuine concern for their communities & their countries constantly surprised & deeply inspired me.

After so many years as a media witness to conflict-affected peoples, peace-building work has allowed me, in a small way, to be more effective in supporting some sort of journey, for my students, towards breaking cycles of violence. After so many years on the road, why do I see, no matter which continent, exactly the same conflict issues 15 years later? The patterns of conflict are so predictable. What is unpredictable is the ability of the human spirit to choose dignity over humiliation; when the victim becomes a survivor; when the powerless acknowledge their strength. It is a rite of passage to cherish because one chain in the long cycle of violence has dissolved forever. There can be no more “dark nights of the soul” when Truth is Beauty & Beauty is Truth. Amandla Awetu!

2014 Mediation Certificate
LEADR Australia (a national Mediation Association)

2014 Certificate as a Facilitator for Community Conflict Transformation & Trauma Awareness
Alternatives to Violence Project NSW (AVP)

2008 Masters’ coursework in Peace & Conflict Studies
Majors: Conflict Transformation & Mediation.
European Peace University, Austria

1999 “Refugees, Agencies & Relief Workers Training”

RedR Australia

1995 Certificate “The Producer, the Law & Business Essentials”

Australian TV & Radio School, Sydney, Australia

1993 Summer School in Creative Writing
National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Sydney, Australia

1990-1992 Certificate in TV & Radio Production
North Sydney TAFE, Sydney, Australia,

1985-1988 BA/LLB – 3 of 5 years completed,
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Setting up PeacebuildingTV

Independent Video Journalist
Nomad Culture

Media Officer
Independent Elections Commission of South Africa, HQ
JHB, South Africa

Independent TV Current Affairs Researcher
JHB, South Africa

Location Sound Recordist
Camera Room, SBS TV Australia



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