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The face behind the camera

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I’m a freelance photographer and film maker. Fully self-tought, which is up to you to consider positive or negative, but most certainly means my work is (hopefully) different – due to utter lack of academical influences. Yet I’ve benefited from the contact with many professionals (forever grateful guys). And oh! Yes err… in a former life I used to be Engineer in Softwares and Websites Development.

I am well to extensively travelled – last trip: more than 2 years around the world on a tandem bike along with my lover. Sore muscles in the legs sometimes. But hey! what else to expect really? I have lived and/or travelled in the following countries (among others): U.K., Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, New Zealand, Thaïland, Lao, Vietnam, China, Tibet, Nepal, India. Not bad, uh?

I speak about 4 languages – French, English, Spanish and German (“long time no speak” this one, ever since I moved out from Germany, but fairly reachable somewhere in the back of my mind if need be). Could do with learning some more – Asian ones, for a start. The lack of them made it harder during my travelling accross Asia – pretty much so.

What’s wrong with me then?

Nicely stubborn, charmingly nervous, lovely weird sense of humour.

My personal interests?

Too many to be all listed here, but in relevance with the main objective of this page: I like to show the (unexpected) extent of the beauty that this reality we’re living in has to offer, this very beauty we tend not to be aware of, sadly enough, most of the time.

I hope my modest art work brings forward a message, each time different, and spreads emotions, stronger each time.

Alright you also want the irrelevant stuff? well just a brief and far from complete (need to keep you hungry) overview then: electro post rock music, contemporary litterature, cuisine-cuisine-cuisine, sports – mountainbiking, mountainrunning, mountainskiing, mountainclimbing (well you get the picture: it has a mountain on it).

Damien Artero 's current location:
Bologna , Italy

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