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A Quick Trip by Eric Miller

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At this point in time I do not have any aspirations to enter the realm of professional photography. I love photography and have been involved in the industry in other ways for many years now from publishing to selling. As more time passes and I interact with more pros I feel that there is no longer a message in a lot of the work out there. Now, that’s not so say that I have some deep and meaningful message in my work and others don’t – rather that it’s not intentionally empty like most commissioned work these days.

I shoot what I see. My equipment is low-tech for the most part. Until recently I still had an Omega D enlarger that you’d find in a High School dark room because of its indestructibility. If and when I need lighting, I set up several incandescent bulbs – similar to what you’d use to light a still-life for an art class. Lastly, there’s my Canon G5 digital camera – the most hi-tech camera I have. Otherwise, it’s an old (and sweet) Canon AE-1 from the late 70’s which I still have to repair – it has leaky seals.

There were a few years in which I wasn’t shooting anything even though I was always carrying a camera. I was always waiting for that moment of inspiration or thinking that what I found to be interesting others would find mundane and boring. I realized that simply isn’t true – every day is interesting. There’s always something to document. The ‘commonplace’ is unique every time. The same sky I’m under and the same sidewalk I follow isn’t the same one I saw yesterday.

With that in mind I’m trying to get up to adding one photo per day. It’s tough. It’s a lot of work. But you’ll never see that scene again.

Eric Miller 's current location:
New York , United States

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