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GIUSEPPE BIZZARRI Journalist/Photographer/Video, Italian


Correspondent for the Italian and Brazilian media,
both as writer
and photojournalist.

Extensive experience documenting UN projects, programmes throughout the world. Available for assignments. Fully equipped for on-site transmission of digital photo coverage and/or traditional film assignments.

Graduated in 1985, Italy – Literature, University ‘La Sapienza’, Rome.
Graduated in 1982, Italy – Photography, ‘Istituto Europeo di Design’,

Languages: Italian, Portughese, English, Spanish, French

Photographic and News agencies: Abaca Press (France), World Picture News (USA), photo agency; Ansa (Italy), news agency.

United Nations: FAO, IFAD, WFP, UN of the United Nations, as photographic consultant.

2010 Brazil, “Crises? No thanks”, video reportage for the Swiss Tv channel RSI http://la1.rsi.ch/micromacro/welcome.cfm?idg=0&ids=0&idc=40617
2009 Brazil, Cearà state – photo coverage of IFAD’s President visit in Latin America.
2006 Haiti, Grenada – Photographic reportage for FAO/UN
2005 Dominican Republic – Photographic reportage for FAO/UN
2005, Seminary experiences of a UN photographer at the Luis University in Rome.
2005, Official photographer, FAO headquarters protocol and Day in the Life coverage.
2004, Photographic reportage for FAO/UN, Tanzania, Swaziland, Mozambique
2003, Venezuela – Photographic reportage for Telefood FAO/UN
2000, Morocco, Honduras – Photographic reportage for FAO/UN.
1999, Ecuador, El Salvador – Photographic reportage for FAO/UN and IFAD/UN.
1998, Venezuela – Photographic reports for FAO/UN
1997, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay – Photographic reportage for IFAD/UN.
1996, Italy – Official photographer for the ‘World Food Summit’, FAO headquarters.
1996, India, Cambodia, Myanmar – Photographic reportage for FAO/UN.
1995, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti – Photographic reportage for FAO/UN e WFP/UN.
1994, Paraguay- Photographic reportage for WFP/UN.
1993. Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia – Photographic reportage for UN
agencies:FAO, IFAD, WFP.
1992, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador – Photographic reportage for the FAO/UN.
1991, Egypt e Lesotho – Photographic reportage for the IFAD/UN.

Sample publications:










Important publications:

1997, Brazil – Book of ‘SESC’ activities in Sao Paulo.
1997, Brazil – Anniversary edition of ‘SESC’.
1998, Brazil – ‘Isto é’, “Prisão Brazil”.
2000, England – Amnesty International, Brazil prisons.
2000, Italy – ‘Avvenimenti’ Magazine, report on Brazilian prisons ‘Carceri brasiliane’: nell’inferno dei vivi. This news report won the ‘Zapping’ prize in Italy as the best article published in February 2000.
2000, Italy – FAO/ONU. Calendar
2001, France – ‘Courrier International’, “Les accoucheus de la forêt”, source Raça magazine,Brazil.
2001, Italy – ’L’espresso’, weekly magazine, “Grande Madre Amazzonia”.
2001, Italy – IFAD Calendar.
2002, Italy – ‘Il Venerdì di Repubblica’, “Da questo inferno perfino Alcatraz sembra il paradiso”
2002, France – Courrier international 4-10 July 2002. No. 609. “Dans l’enfer des prisons de São Paulo : au Brésil, le ‘syndicat’ des taulards fait la loi.”, source Diario magazine, Italy This news report was used by UNHCR/ONU and Immigration Refugees Board of Canada,
2005, England – BBC News site, Mozambique AIDS orphans reportage.
2005, Italy – ‘Diario’, “Chi ha ammazzato de Mello”.
2008, Italy, Internazionale, weekly magazine, “Gli amori galeotti”.

At present publishes articles and pictures in the following newspapers, magazines and photo agencies: ‘D La Repubblica delle Donne’ (Italy); ‘Il Venerdì di Repubblica’ (Italy); ‘Il Caffé’ (Switzerland); ‘Tv Channel Tsi’ (Switzerland); ’L’Espresso’ (Italy);‘Repubblica.it’ (Italy); ‘Europa’ (Italy); ‘Diario’ (Italy); Radio Popolare Milano (Italy); ‘Caros Amigos’ (Brazil); ‘Galatea’ (Switzerland), Abaca Press, World Picture News (USA), ANSA (Italy).

Has produced photographic material for the following correspondents in Rome:
1989\1991 – Marielza Augelli of the ‘Estado de São Paulo’ (Brazil).
1990\1991 – Bernard Bridel of the ‘24 Heures’ (Svizzera).
1990\1991 – Wolfgang Prosinger of the ‘Badische Zeitung’ (Germany).
1989\1991 – Kristina Kappelin of the ‘Dagens Industri’ and ‘Sydsvenska Dagbladet’
1990 – Amauri Mello of the ‘O Globo’ (Brazil).

Other work:
1986, Brazil – Publications in Brazilian magazines
‘Geografica Universal’ and ‘Projeto’.
1987, Berlin – 6 months as correspondent of British agency ‘Camera Press’ and the Italian
magazine ‘Taxi’.
1988, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China – Correspondent for British
agency ‘Camera Press’.
1989, Brazil – Assistant to the director and screenplay to the documentary `Itaunas’, winner
of prize at Italian festivals ‘Festival dei Popoli’, in Florence 1990 and
‘Festival di Salerno’, 1990.
1991, Algeria – Photojournalist for the Italian Magazine ‘100 cose’.
1994 /1995, São Paulo – Free lance photographer for the magazine ‘Isto É’.

Photography exhibits:

2008, France, Les Visas de L’ANI (Association Nationale des Iconographes de France), collective photo exhibition organized by ANI and in collaboration with Visa por L’Image at the photo gallery “Le Bar Floréal” in Paris,
2007, Brazil – collective photo exibition organized by Acie (Foreigners Press Association) at the Centro Cultural OI in Rio de Jaaneiro,
2006, Brazil РSesc of Nuova Igua̤u in Rio de Janeiro, collective photo exhibit during the World Social Forum of Education with Acie (Foreigners Press Association),
2002, Brazil – ‘Sesc Pompéia’ in Sao Paulo: “Buchudas, the Midwifes of Amapa”,
1984, Italy – ‘Centro de Estudos Brasileiros’ in Rome.

Giuseppe Bizzarri 's current location:
Rio De Janeiro , Brazil

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