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There are four portfolios presented here: India, the USA, New York, and World Travel.

I am trying to portray the diversity of the US, a project that will take me many years I imagine. I spend most of my time photographing the different landscapes, and the many faces of New York City.

India is a country of opposites.
It’s beautiful: the Himalaya’s, Taj Mahal, the people.
It’s ugly: suppression of the lower casts and women, the poverty.
It’s rich: the history, culture, financial wealth of some.
It’s poor: the infrastructure, social systems, financial poverty for many.
But overall it’s endlessly interesting: the incomparable mix of colours, scents, sounds and people.

While India is becoming a powerful and progressive nation with a fast increasing industry and technology, hundreds of millions are left behind in poverty and neglect.

But besides the chaos, the smells and the poverty and injustice, India is ever interesting and captivating.
India is a country that haunts you; it gets under your skin, it enters your blood and soul.
No visitor escapes the buzz and explosive energy in the captivating cities. Nobody is left untouched by the mesmerizing historical legacy. And where do you find a naked man caked in mud that is regarded a ‘holy man’? Or a cow lying in the middle of a busy road halting traffic?

This is a collection of travel images from around the globe.

Tim Biot 's current location:
Glastonbury , United Kingdom

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