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Around Angkor Thom Wall

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Angkor Thom is one of the impressive monuments in Siem Reap. It was established in the late twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII. The most important structure that Jayavarman VII built is called the Bayon and this is protected by a massive wall. I trekked around it’s wall taking pictures of the impressive site that surround the late capital. The trek was 7.2 miles long and left a lasting impression on me as I am one of only a few people that make the journey in the excessive heat around the wall. The wall has four different gates, the Victory Gate being the best known. On all four sides of the wall there exist monuments that I have taken pictures of. On these monuments there are many relief’s that are quite descriptive and beautiful. The landscape that I saw from the wall is unbelievable and I provided some photos of them. This trek was extremely tough and it was a big accomplishment of mine. The images that I have provided are to show you some of the beauty that is hidden on the 7.2 mile hike on the wall. There are images of monuments, gates, relief’s and of landscapes. Ultimately, this is a journey one should do on their own and these photos are a slight glimpse of the history and beauty that surrounds the wall. The pictures are put in chronological order from when I saw them except for the first and last. The first is of a gate welcoming you into the gallery and the last is of a path in and out of Angkor Thom taking you out of the gallery. The pictures in between the two are all in order. I wanted you to see the trek the same way that I did and in the same order. Enjoy!

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