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I was born in Chalon sur Saone and grew up in Arles,Camargue, in a mixed migrant neigborhood.I moved to London in 2001 after graduating in English Literature, University of Avignon, France.

I studied at the London College of Communication for 3 years, graduating in 2006 with a Graduate diploma in Professional Photography and Digital Imaging, B&W and studio photography, traditional printing and darkroom processes. I have a Diploma in Social Anthropology from School of Oriental and African Studies and an NVQ in Video Production.

I have travelled widely and lived in the Dominican Republic, 2001-2007 where I became fascinated by the kindness of its inhabitants and by the Haitian culture and its importance within the Dominican culture. During my trips I documented the human rights abuses against the Haitian workers and their families.

In 2007 I started to work for PhotoVoice where was trained to facilitate participatory photography and by Insightshare in Participatory video workshops in 2010. I have worked as a Community worker and immigration adviser for Latin American migrants in London and as a community artist-photographer for Nueva Generacion and RefugeeYouth since 2004. I have curated exhibitions for Refugeeyouth and the Carnaval del Pueblo ( Heritage Project) at the British Film Institute, Cuming Museum and City Hall London.

I travel as much as I can trying to catch human beings and the soul and the energy of places. The beauty of nature and the danger of environmental and culture destruction is present in my work.

In 2009, I was awarded the Unltd award to set up a photography studio called Fotosynthesis working with communities in Lambeth, London. We had a darkroom, digital and studio facilities and have worked with the local children, lone parents, families, young people, Visually impaired adults, asylum seeker-refugees and migrant communities. We use participatory media and photography to give a voice to people, using arts as a tool for social change, creative advocacy, visual literacy, leadership and communication skills. www.fotosynthesiscommunity.org.uk.

I am currently working on a long term project i the Dominican Republic traditions and heritage building an archive of the life of a village along the coast of Punta Cana.

Using participatory methods to keep cultural traditions and cultures alive is my main objective.

Please contact me at: info.fotosynthesis@gmail.com



This resource is based upon the expertise and experience of Mexican NGO Ojos que Sienten A.C / Sight of Emotion and UK-based international Charity PhotoVoice, with specific reference to two projects, Beyond Sight and Sights Unseen, run in partnership between the two organisations.

This resource is intended to provide an understanding of the concept of sensory photography, and some of the methods and techniques required to enable visually impaired and blind people to use photography as a tool of communication, self-expression and advocacy.

2009: Lebron James in London visiting young people project.


2006: POLITICA SOCIAL EN REPUBLICA DOMINICANA 1930-2007: INCLUSION O ASISTENCIALISMO? Rosa Canete Alonso and Olaya .O Dotel . Published by the Centre of Social Studies Padre Juan Montalvo in Santo Domingo.

2006 : LISTIN DIARIO: 1st October edition,Front Page of the National newspaper in Dominican Republic . Story of shipwreck of immigrants trying to reach Puerto Rico illegally.

" Hope for the Children of Palmarejo". Haitian bateyes in the Dominican Republic.
" Adopt a Village"

“Nomads Find a Home in the Arts
" http://www.forachange.net/browse/article/2081.html

EXPRESSNEWS, Latin American Newspaper in London. Freelance photographer and journalist



2007 “5000 miles around the wall, from Marrakech to Tindouf, Western Sahara”. Rich Mix, Sandblast Festival of Western Sahara, London.

2005-06 “Dominican Children”, Community Centre, London, UK
- “Women’s Nudes”, St Mark‘s Church, Women International Women’s Day, Oval, London.
- “The Education System in the Dominican Republic », Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France
- “In the Bateyes”, Vauxhall Community Centre, London, UK
Culturarte, Dominican Art Center, New York, NY
Times Square Theater, New York, NY with NYIHA, advocacy news on political engagement of diaspora in New York City. http://nyc.indymedia.org/en/2006/08/74937.html
- “IRMO Insights”, Vauxhall Community Centre, London, UK

- Urban Photo Fest ,in conversation with Julio Etchart, Chile after the dictature of Pinochet, Goldsmith University , London
- Moose and the Loose Festival, London Universoty of the Arts, London
- Art 13, Olympia , London
- Maratona Fotografica, Brixton East, London.
- “ Lilian Baylis Old School versus redevelopment” , Iniva Education Space, Rivington Place, London.

- Urban Photo Fest , Participation and Photography Projection
- Human Right Watch Photo Competiton Shortlisted, Ritzy Cinema, London


- Windows on India”: Joint exhibition with Jyoti Graziano, Gallery 45 with 198 Contemporary Arts, Brixton Village, London,

2009 : – “Carnaval del Pueblo, the Story”, Cuming Museum, 2009-2010, London.

 – “Saharawis Marathon 2007”, Tindouf, Algeria. Sandblast Festival, Rich Mix, London.
– “5000 miles around the wall from Marrakech to Tindouf, Western Sahara”. Refugee in Films, Refugee Week, Yvonne Carr Community Center,London.

 – “Floating bodies”, Nude in Yoga experimental black and white Hand printed. End of the Year Final Exhibition, London University of the Arts, UK.

2005 “Education System in the DR”, End of the Year Final Exhibition, London University of the Arts, UK.
- “Haitian Children”: Portraits, Hackney Museum Summer Salon, London,

2004 “Graphic”, Maison des Associations, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France.
- “Beyond the Resorts”, End of the Year Final Exhibition, London University of the Arts.

My Curiculum:

Director FOTOSYNTHESIS July 2009 – Present (3 years 3 months)

• Designing, managing and facilitating photography workshops and projects for the local community including children, families and young people and asylum seekers from different nationalities and background in black and white photography, traditional printing processes, creative photography, creative writing, digital imaging.

• Administration, managing volunteers, networking, marketing, project management, accounting, curating, mentoring.

• Fundraising, business plan, fundraising strategy, partnerships, consultancy.
This position is associated with:

Freelance Photography Facilitator Edit :Refugee Youth
April 2008 – June 2011 (3 years 3 months) London, United Kingdom

Photography Facilitator with Young asylum seekers and refugees mainly from Somalia , Irak, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Colombia aiming at an exhibition at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London during Refuge In Films Festival in partnership with New Generation.

Photography Facilitator Edit: Photovoice
May 2009 – September 2009 (5 months)

Provide freelance consultancy services in connection with Sights Unseen Sensory Photography with blind and visually impaired people in partnership with Sight of Emotion, OBAC and One Plus One (“the Project”). Project management, report, evaluation.

Photographer and curator Edit: Carnaval del Pueblo
August 2008 – August 2009 (1 year 1 month)

• Research archiving and retouching of pictures, articles or objects showing the migration and evolution of the Latin American community in London through art.
• Curating the exhibition and working closely with the film maker and oral historian to create a cohérent chronological film to showcase at the Cuming Museum.

Ingrid Guyon 's current location:
London , United Kingdom

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