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Danu Primanto comes from a workers family in the Gresik district of East Java, Indonesia. He was born in 5th December 1978, presently works as a freelance photojournalist, writer and documentary filmmakers.

Ever since he was a child, Danu Primanto has been intrigued by the link between visual and social issues. Integral to his photography are early influences of the sky crapes and urban culture taken from urban life. Started his photography career using manually Yashica camera as a wedding photographer for several his family and then learn photography autodidacted by read photography articles and books also joined in student photo club. After graduating from John de Britto High School Yogyakarta, Indonesia, he was admitted into Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to study architecture. He learn how people design and response in a visual space, with form and mass. The post-colonial situation in southern Indonesia endorsement his architectural skill not only in engineering and art, but also in social design. For his purpose finding the link between visual and social change, he involved in student magazine in his university to learn how to read and research a visual material.

Not only in photography, he also write feature and narrative reporting and make documentary films. A film’s “Sego Kucing Lawuh Suket” win a prestigious Bandung Documentary Film Festival 2005. He had work with several NGO’s to make documentary films. Now, he is involved to several photography project with some NGOS’s to rebuild Java Island post-earthquake May 2006. Some local magazine contained his photo essays about local workers in southern Yogyakarta, Indonesia. During October – December 2008 FAO (Food Agricultural Organization-UN’s based organization) giving him a grant to be a media partnership as photojournalism in aviant flu project. In November 2008, he will launch his first tourism web about Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Writing as the same as photography, help him to understand and thinking systematic on social change. Day by day he had experiment to get a balance between wiriting and photography. It’s a important process for him because words and photos couldn’t separated. His works on writing published to some local media. Now he is writing some narrative reporting about travelling, heritage and public health in Indonesia.

Danu Primanto 's current location:
Yogyakarta , Indonesia

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