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Xhevair Klobocista is a first generation Creator of TRIBALISTIC INTENTIONS PRODUCTIONS TM.
also Founder of  www. New ILLYRIA.com  Tribalistic Intentions are the Masters of a new genre of music that was created by us and is based on the first true beat patterns tribal polyrythms. This revolutionary compilation has been, influenced and blended with tribal drums, polyrhythms, rock, electronic drum machine, classical music, freestyle, techno, and much more. Together this combination creates an ultra hybrid genre of music that would be called nothing else but Tribalistic Intentions also the name of our upcoming record label.
In our library, Tribalistic Intentions has more than 350 original soundtracks and over 24 hours of high quality digital stereo music. Our compilations are very versatile and are currently being used widely as movie soundtracks, video games, and more.

If you are a filmaker, a video game producer, or you simply would like to be involved in our crusade to respect and appreciate the origin of music itself, you need to contact us. In addition to our music, we want to support struggling musicians everywhere by producing your own music and laying it down in a tribal format. We also have custom made cds for sale or trade.
This Intentions the first true intentions


The rugged mountains, Mediterranean climate and clean air of the eastern Adriatic region, what was
at one time the ancient realm of “Illyria,” modern day Albania, provide the ideal growing conditions for
a wide variety of medicinal herbs. In spite of the relatively small territory, Albania has a spontaneous flora
of about 3200 species, of which more than 500 are medicinal plants.

Many Tribes have valued these botanicals over the centuries for their unique homeopathic healing abilities and wide variety of other uses. These botanicals have been harvested for thousands of generations, providing a healthy lifestyle and income for local communities and villagers. These herbs are usually gathered by the region’s women, master botanists who take their pack animals out with them to collect the herbs carefully by hand and then bring them off the mountain slopes for processing to begin.

The work of harvesting, gathering and transporting the native ethno herbs is difficult, and can be dangerous due to the steep hillsides, loose rocks and high altitude mountainous terrain where the native plants grow.
It is important that herbs are harvested non destructively to ensure the crop is available in subsequent years. Through generations of teachings villagers have discovered techniques to harvest the herbs with sharp knives and care to ensure the plants and their roots are not damaged. Once the herbs have been harvested and transported they are carefully air dried and sold to the packing company were local villagers sort the dried herbs for packing and shipment. For the production of botanical extracts or medicinal oils the herbs undergo a careful steam distillation process.

In recent years successful trials have been undertaken by the Northern Shkrel Mountain District Farmers
to cultivate a number of rare herbs that are native to the region, notably Sideritis, Savory, Chamomile,
Salvia, the Great Yellow Gentian Lutea, Thymus, Juniperus and Lavender along with many other organic wild sourced aromatic herbs and healing plants that have many uses.

The process has involved taking cuttings and seeds from wild plants and nurturing them under careful-
controlled greenhouse or “polytunnel” conditions then transplanting them to level ground in the valley.
This produces an increasing supply of wild sourced organic herbs, still harvested by hand, at the best
possible controlled quality and prices. Offered under the brand “New Illyria" the resulting medicinal
botanicals and other herbal products are of the highest quality, unique, and in high demand.

New Illyria Mountain Botanicals and teas brings the richness of Old World Illyria to the New World!
Our plants are grown organically by descendants of the Ancient Illyrians-a great civilization. Our teas
and herbs are traditionally blended to bring you the fullest flavors and come in many delicious blends
New Illyria natural botanicals are grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or preservatives therefore
offering you the full medicinal benefits and most pure flavors and aromas available in the natural market place. Every purchase and donation supports New Illyria’s mission to cultivate sustainability in the
Eastern Adriatic by working in harmony with indigenous cultures and their environment to produce products that promote market-driven conservation. Enjoy New Illyria with your family and friends please learn more at WWW.NEWILLYRIA .COM
Thank you
Xhevair R Klobocista

Hollywood,Ca , United States

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