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Dem. Rep. Congo, Uganda, Cambodia, Viet Nam

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Email: peterscheid(dot)film(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact: +84 – 918921258
Cameraman, videographer and photographer in Ho Chi Minh City / Vung Tau / Hanoi, Vietnam and
Bangkok, Thailand.

Peter Scheid, born in Essen, Germany is a director of photography and writer for Documentary Film, Reportage, Corporate Video and Documentation.
Peter started to photograph in Africa, then later switched to produce and film reportage, documentations, corporate films and documentaries.
Working internationally, mainly in Asia Pacific, Oceania and Africa.


Video Production Vietnam, South East Asia, Africa.
Fully equipped film crew, sound, aerial videography from helicopter, editing, post production.
Aerial photography and video from helicopter.

Offshore survival trained, certified Bosiet Cameraman / Videographer / Photographer.
Website for Oil and Gas & Showreel: www.peterscheidfilm.com

AERIAL SHOOTING offshore from helicopter:
BOSIET / HUET offshore certified photographer and cameraman – videographer Peter Scheid for oil and gas experienced in Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Brunei.


BOSIET: Falck Nutec Certificate No: 92765700250512002, OPITO Approved (rescue-, fire-, helicopter- emergency training) to film on oil rigs – maritime construction sites – ship building, cable and pipe laying & heavy lifting vessels, FPSOs.
HUET: Helicopter Underwater Escape Training.


Sony FS700RH 4K camera, Canon Cinema 100, Canon 5D Mark III, 3 X Sony HD Z1U cameras, underwater housing / splashbags, JVC HD-GY 250 shoulder camera, Sennheiser microphones, Sony wireless microphones, Sachtler tripods, ABC portable 5 meter aluminum light crane + Sachtler aluminium tripod + monitor + counterweights, Sachtler steadicam, DVRig Pro, 7 X GoPro Black Hero3+ cameras and all GoPro extras.

Latest projects in Africa, reportage, documentaries, news:

Photo reportages started in the eighties till 2005: Burkina Faso, Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Chad, Uganda, D.R.Congo, Kenya, South Africa.

About “Operation Iron Fist” in South – Sudan and North – Uganda,
the SPLA, LRA and the UPDF, photo and film, 2003 – 2005.
“Operation Artemis”, Dem.Rep.Congo, in and near Bunia, Lendu / Hema conflict, photo and film, 2003.
French Special Forces, DRC, camera and photo, Bunia 2003.
Filmed and photographed abducted children, displaced people and refugees in the east of Dem. Rep. Congo and the north of Uganda.
“Children of War”, reportage, producer, Dem. Rep. of Congo 1999.
“Kampala City Portrait”, reportage 2003.
“Uganda at the Crossroads”, camera, reportage 2003.
“Gulu and the Night Commuters”, camera, reportage 2003.
“Rwenzori Pygmies”, camera, reportage, Bundibugyo 2004.
“Mist over dark water”, camera, reportage/documentary 2004.
“Displaced Persons in Uganda”, photo and film, reportage 2003.
“The Lord’s Resistance Army” ( Interview with Kenneth Banya, LRA top commander and military adviser of Joseph Kony, other LRA commanders and abducted victims) Sudan/Uganda 2003 – 2006.
“Leprosy in Rwenzori” near Kasese in the west of Uganda, camera, reportage 2004.
“Polio in Africa”, photo and film, Central East Africa 2000 – 2003.
“Life and Death in Pabbo”, photo & film, 2001 – 2003, 2004.
“Awach IDP Camp” Uganda’s humanitarian crisis, photo & film, 2004.
“Muddy Waters”, photo reportage, film on the Congo River.
“Dafur”, Chad and South Sudan, German reportage 2004.
“Breaking God’s Commands”, photo reportage LRA and victims.
“The Theater of War”, photo & camera.
“A Refuge in the Times of War”, St. Mary’s Hospital in Lachor, reportage, photos, video.
“The Batwa Pygmies”, Bundibugyo, photo, camera. Uganda 2005.
“The Source of the Nile River”, White Nile/Victoria Nile, Bujagali, Jinja.
“Journey to the Heart of Darkness”, The Second Congo War.
“Escaped from Hell”, photo reportage, the destiny of child soldiers in Central East Africa.
“Ebola Zaire”, video/photo reportage, Gulu, Uganda 2000.
“Mountains of the Moon”, photo story, Fort Portal/Uganda.

Latest projects in Asia, Oceania, Africa:

“Modern Saigon/Rising Saigon”, French reportage, producer, 2003.
“Colonial Architecture”, reportage, producer and dop, 2004.
“Menschen am Mekong”, documentary, dop, 2005.
“Vietnam Media Veterans”, reportage, dop, 30th April Reunion with Horst Faas, George Esper a. o. in Vietnam 2005.
“Kung Fu” martial arts, camera for a documentary, 2005 – 2007.
Dr. Erich Salomon Photo Award for Horst Faas, camera, reportage, German production, 2005.
Angel Falls/Salto Angel in Venezuela, aerial camera and excursion, US production 2006.
General Pham Xuan An’s Funeral, camera. Shooting in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam production 2006.
“Khmertempel in Kambodscha”, camera, German documentary, Cambodia 2007.
Installation of a compression module on Lan Tay oil rig, filming off and onshore, Ray McDermott crane vessel Derrik Barge 101, camera and camera crane, China Sea, 2007.
“Chong Kneas”, the floating village, Tonle Sap Cambodia, camera, US prod. 2007.
“Beng Mealea, lost in the Jungle”, reportage, camera 2007-2008.
“Strategic Marine corporate video 2008. Dop, Vung Tau – Vietnam, 2008.
“Vietnam Vespa Adventure”, camera for a
corporate video. Vietnam 2008.
“Ho Chi Minh City Mood Video”, production and camera for a corporate film, HCMC, April 2008.
“Angkor Wat”, camera, reportage, 2008.
“Ho Tram Strip”, opening event, camera, May 2008.
“Biodiesel”, the Jatropha in VN, dop, corporate film, June 2008.
Corporate video for a garment factory, dop and production, July 2008.
Corporate film for a shipyard, building a floating drydock, dop, Aug. 2008.
The Vespa in Vietnam, camera for a reportage, 2008.
Corporate film for an oil and gas company in the South China Sea, offshore, onshore,
aerial shooting installations on a drilling ship and oilrig from helicopter, Gulf of Thailand, 2008.
Expats nightlife in HCMC, 2008.
Helicopter shooting from Ca Mau offshore to the WilSuperior Oil Rig, Mekong Delta/Gulf of Thailand, Sept. 2008.
Helicopter shooting on a storage and offloading vessel, Song Doc Pride MV19, South China Sea, Oct. 2008.
Mekong Delta, Ca Mau, onshore activities and landscape shots, Power Plant 1, November 2008.
Building and launch of a floating drydock, Vung Tau, dop, November 2008.
Operation Lightning Thunder, Garamba Offensive. Camera for reportages. South Sudan, December 2008.
“Das Maedchen und das Foto”, service production/camera in Vietnam, WDR Germany, March 2009.
Corporate industry / shipbuilding, Vung Tau, camera, February/March 2009 – 10.
“The Honda Cub”, stories around a motorbike, 2010.
Agent Orange victims reportage, “Vietnam, East meets West”, camera US production, Hanoi, Danang, 2010.
Filming in West Papua, Raja Ampat, Halmahera, North Sulawesi, April – May 2010.
40 Years of Solitude, camera in Vietnam, Morocco prod. June 2010.
Corporate documentary film for the ship building company/engineering/oil rigs/images of HCMC – Vung Tau. June, July 2010.
The Preah Khan Temple, camera for History, Cambodia, July 2010.
Documentation – Corporate film for a Canadian Energy Company, camera, Aug./ Sept. 2010.
Corporate/Event Video, camera, Oct. 2010.
Scientific Symposium “The Pandemic HIV” Abbot, camera, Nov. 2010.
Hanoi – Halong Bay, reportage “Seitenblicke” ORF, camera, Austrian production, Nov. 2010.
Adidas Summit 2010 Viet Nam, camera, Nov. 2010.
Pagodas of Saigon, Travel Vietnam, German production, Jan./Feb. 2011
“When in Saigon”, short film, dop, March – June, 2011.
Shooting the Mercedes Benz factory in Go Vap, HCMC – Vietnam, dop for a corporate production.
“Historical Places in HCMC”, camera for History, 1. Part: Reunification Palace and Park, March-April 2011.
“The New Face of Asia”, reportage, camera, March 2011.
“The Lotus Pond”, Cambodia Expeditions, script & dop, April 2011.
East Germans in the world, “Wir sind ueberall”, MDR, documentary, camera, April 2011.
Historical Places in HCMC, 2. Part: 2005 – 2011 “The Eden Building”, dop for History, May – June 2011.
“How you become a DJ”, stock footage & camera, May – June 2011.
“The Phu My Port and container ship Gudrun”, camera, corporate film, June 2011.
“Come to Angkor and its Dreams”, documentary – history film, script & dop, July – Aug. 2011.
“Lebenslinien”, “Loan und das bessere Leben”, documentary BR, camera, German production, Aug. 2011.
“Bonsai River Cruise”. Corporate video. Vietnam production.
Corporate film about the tannery industry, DEG Germany, camera & sound, Netherland production, Aug. 2011.
Doi Moi Train from North to South, HCMC to Hanoi and back, dop for a documentary, Nov. 2011
Image film for an US financial/insurance company, Prudential. UK production, camera, Nov. 2011.
Charity / Image film for UTi: “Building Bridges”, school renovation, Mekong Delta, dop & prod., Sept. – Nov. 2011.
Corporate film, UTi freight company, dop – production, Vietnam, Dec. 2011.
“The Nodding Syndrome”, stock footage “Children and soldiers in Pabbo” for NBS Television Ltd., Ugandan prod. Feb. 2012.
How it’s made and corporate film for a Malaysian bottle factory, dop & prod., March 2012.
Helicopter shooting on the Ocean Monarch drilling rig, South China Sea, aerial shots of Phu My Power Plant 3/Dinh Co Terminal – Nam Con Son gas pipeline TNK, camera, UK production, March 2012.
Brotzeit corporate film, a Singapore franchise restaurant group, dop & prod., April – May 2012.
Documentary for Cleft-Children International, operations of children with Cleft Palate, prod. & camera & photos, German production, May – August 2012.
Documentation for TNK-BP on Sapura 3000 pipeline lay vessel, camera,
Lan Tay platform, helicopter/aerial camera,dop, UK production, South China Sea, June 2012.
Filming cotton in a spinning mill and how Denim/Indigo is produced. dop & prod., Thailand, June 2012.
Short film for a Berlin trade fair show for G-Star in Germany, dop & prod, June 2012.
Image film for Lite Leather – Focus on the Environment, dop & prod, China, June/July 2012.
Corporate film for a Jeans factory, dop & prod., Thailand – Vietnam, June/July 2008.
Hoi An, travel movie, camera, German production, July 2012.
Ancient History of Vietnam “Champa”, My Son, dop & prod., July 2012.
Corporate film for a world wide logistics company, production, dop, own stockfootage, Aug. 2012.
Image film: “360° General Medicine”, SOS intern. clinic, 24 hours evacuation, dop/production, Aug. 2012.
Corporate film for a Norwegian shipbuilding company, helicopter/aerial camera/production, Aug. 2012.
Beng Mealea, History Channel, Cambodia, dop, Sept. 2012.
MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) Grand Hotel and Casino, camera for a corporate film, Sep. 2012.
Technical corporate film, the processing of leather, camera/production, China/ Vietnam, Oct. 2012.
Trailer Angkor Wat, aerial camera, 2012.
Trailer West Papua, aerial camera, 2012.
The Tokio Project, Japan, dop, Nov. 2012.
Fire in the night market in Siem Reap, camera for a reportage, Dec. 2012.
Beng Mealea, Cambodia Expeditions II, dop, Japanese production, Dec. 2012.

Benteay Srei, Cambodia, dop for History Japan, Cambodia.
Saitex from Kingpins, camera, corporate film, US production.
Nick Ut, Ap photographer, camera & interview ShenZhen TV, The Generation Show, China.
Puma Re-Cut Film, shoe production, denim/jeans factories, orphanage, dop in Thailand/Vietnam, corporate film, UK production.
Aerial shooting from helicopter around Angkor Wat, documentary in Cambodia. UK production.
Deutsche Aerospace, Environmental Symposium, photo documentation.
Puma Shoes, photo documentation for the Sustainability Report.
Interview/products and city shots, camera for Fonterra, New Zealand film production.
Documentation on the “Awards of DHL”, camera, Da Nang – Vietnam.
Nick Ut, AP speaks about his former photo boss and mentor Horst Faas, dop, interviews for a German production, Cu Chi, Vietnam.
Short film for a textile company, camera and production, Indonesia.
Corporate film, resort company, camera, Indonesia.
The Sixth Wave, short film about sustainability, camera and production, HK.
New Zealand and the World, camera, 4 x reportages, New Zealand production.
Off Shore filming for the oil and gas industry, dop and aerial filming, Asia/Africa.
Cambodia Angkor Air, camera, TVC, Phnom Penh Intern. Airport, Cambodian production.
Direct Trade – Sustainable Arabica Coffee documentation, camera, Geman production, Ermera, Maubisse, Dili – Timor Leste.
City and landscape shooting, camera, around Hanoi for a German production, Vietnam.
“Horrors of Agent Orange linger in Vietnam”, camera reportage HCMC, 3News, New Zealand prod.
“Opportunities abound Vietnam”, camera reportage, 3News, New Zealand prod.
Wat Phou, documentary for History, dop, UK production, Laos.
Preah Vihear, documentary for History, dop, UK production, Cambodia.
Supporting production/aerial filming with my octokopter, Okavango Delta, Botswana, UK production.
Camera in South Laos, Si Phan Don, nature shooting, islands, waterfall, Mekong. UK production.
The Comoro River and its Stones, Australia reportage, dop, Dili, East Timor.
Puma sports wear manufacturer, photo documentation, Puma/Orphanage, US production.
Corporate film for a German business outsourcing corporation, dop and production.
Black and white photography, BKA Jeans Production, director.
Song Be Bridge for History, dop, Vietnam.
Pacific Paradise, dop, TVC, Cook Islands, German production.
Buckle Garment Retailer NYC, 8 min. short film/training video, dop and production.
“Creepers and Stranglers”, about Banyan, Kapok, Fig Trees, camera, Plant Ecology, Cambodia.
“The Khmer Empire”, camera crane shooting, time lapse, glide camera: Kapok Trees and Strangler Fig in
Angkor Wat, Preah Khan, Bayon, Beng Mealea, dop, US production.
Growing Sustainable Business, short film/reportage on a green environmental idea. German leather manufacturer in Asia, dop/production.
Cabel Enterprise, Prysmian, on and off shore documentation, sub sea cable installation, Ha Tien, dop, Italian production.

“The Whole is greater than the Sum of its Parts”, corporate film for Buckle US, dop and production.
“Ein Lächeln ist die schönste Sprache der Welt”, dop for a TVC, German production.
“The Reliefs of Angkor”, documentation, glide cam, camera crane shooting, German prod. – Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Documentation for oil and gas, aerial camera, offshore near Timor Leste, US production.
Reportage, camera. Bkk, Thailand.
Reportage “McDonald’s enter Vietnam”, camera, HCMC, Vietnam, Russian production.
“Kopi Luwak, the Asian Palm Civet and expensive coffee”, dop, reportage, East Timor.
Photo documentation: Evolution of a sustainable, modern garment factory, bl/wh middle format and aerial photography.
“Ghost Villas in Kep”, shooting in a coastal city in the south of Cambodia, dop for a documentary, French production.
PTSC documentation / corporate film, dop, shooting in Vung Tau, offshore stock footage aerial helicopter, oil and gas activities, production CreaTV.
Binh Loi Bridge built 1905 and the Citadel of Bien Hoa built 1837, dop for History, French production.
Short film: Evolution of a sustainable garment factory, dop, time lapse, aerial shooting and production.
Foundation Engineering/Ground Improvement, corporate film, dop and production. French geotechnical company.
“Eiffel Classics”, bridges in Vietnam designed by Gustave Eiffel / Levallois-Perret, Dayde & Pille, dop for a French documentation.
“Mangrove Ecosystems”, dop, science and climatic change. Shooting in West Papua, Vietnam, Cambodia, Andaman Islands. German TV production.
House of Fire, Hall of Dancers. Dop, shooting for US history production in Preah Khan, Cambodia.
East Mebon and Neak Pean, cameraman, shooting for a French production house in Cambodia.
Bl. & Wh. photograph series for a garment manufacturer. Director, Dong Nai province.
Dop and production: Offshore aerial helicopter filming, test drive of a new modern super vessel “The Far Sygna” with the EC 120 B helicopter. Norwegian production.
Documentation cleft operations. Cleft Int. Dop and production, German production.
Documentation Oil and Gas. Dop and Bosiet cameraman. Shooting in Singapore, Thailand – Nakhon Si Tammarat offshore on self- erecting TAD rigs, installations, engineering, drilling. Singapore/Malaysia production.
Documentation West Pelaut, Brunei offshore. Dop / aerial from helicopter with Bosiet, Huet, Opito Boat. Singapore/Malaysia production.
“Baghdad Today” – 3 X Iraq reportage. Camera in Bagdad. UK production.
Documentation/Corporate film in the Nghi Son Refinery construction site/ground improvement. Dop and production for a French engineering/foundation company.
Aerial shooting offshore from helicopter, Su Tu Nau South platform for CreaTV. Vietnam production.
Aerial shooting Angkor and surroundings near Siem Reap, Cambodia. Dop for a German scientific program.
Documentation offshore, dop and production: “How a semi submersible tender rig works and drilling platform installation”. Shooting “Rig Up” and “Offshore Installations” on the West Pelaut in Brunei Darussalam / Bosiet/Huet/Opito boat. Singapore production.
French architecture in Saigon, photography and film, dop, aerial drone, German production.
Aerial 4K camera in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. UK production.
“Cholon, Architecture and Pagodas”. Photography and film. Camera for a reportage, Australia television station.
The Long Bien Brigde, designed by Gustave Eiffel, dop and production in Hanoi. German prod.
Photo documentation “Long Bien Bridge / Dayde & Pille”, construction and details, trains, surrounding for a UK publishing house.
The President Hotel BEQ, Saint George BEQ for History. Dop & photography documentation.
Song Be Bridge, aerial camera for History /documentation.
Reportage Thailand, People & Power. Camera, shooting in Bangkok.
A Battle for Africa, Peter’s stock footage from Uganda, Rwenzori, Dem. Rep. of Congo.

Oil and Gas Installation, documentation, shooting in Brunei, post production. Jan. 2015.
Banh Mi, Wine and Coffee, corporate photo shoot about the Vietnamese delicious sandwich. HCMC – Jan. 2015.
German manager portrait, photo shoot in Hanoi. Jan. 2015.
French bridges (Dayde & Pille, Levallois – Perret) in Vietnam, Hanoi, HCMC, Dong Nai, Hue. Photo shoot Jan./Febr. 2015.
Japanese camera factory, production line for a corporate video, shooting in Hanoi, March 2015.
TET, photo and film shooting in HCMC. UK production, Febr. 2015.
Corporate shooting for an offshore supply company, dop, Bosiet aerial camera, Thailand production.
Corporate video for “Iproplan- Consulting Architects and Engineers”, Shooting & production.
Corporate video for the European International School. Dop & production, HCMC.
Trade fair “ProPak” in Phu My Hung – camera and sound for a German trading house.
“The Story of Ha” – 3. part. 2 years later. Camera & production. Shooting in Dak R. Mang, Central Highlands, Vietnam for the German Cleft Aid Society. Camera & production.
Aerial shooting from helicopter, offshore camera in Vung Tau.
Energy company corporate film, onshore camera in Vung Tau.
Reportage, interviews, aerial camera. Sustainability and growing of a new kind of factory/ISA Lite Leather. Dop and production. Binh Duong, Vietnam.
“The Story of Ni” for the German Cleft Lip Aid Society. Preparation, operation. HCMC, Quan 2. Camera & production.
“Sustainable Eco Friendly Model House” – Documentation for the GIZ, Gesellschaft fuer internationale Zusammenarbeit & Xella. Shooting in Hanoi. Camera & production.


Shooting in Mississippi, USA. Corporate film about “Sustainability – Project 2030”. Camera & production.
“Baghdad Today”, project title. Camera and interviews for a reportage, Iraq.
Operation Palate, German Cleft Aid Society. Camera & production.
Corporate video for a Malaysian drilling company / oil and gas. Editing/post production.
Travel video. Camera, shooting in Hoi An.

2015 – February 2016: Upcoming – work in progress – post production:

Koh Ker, Prasat Chen, archaeology documentation, 120 km from Siem Reap, camera and photography, camera crane & aerial video with drone, for History. Shooting in Phnom Penh, Koh Ker, Cambodia.
Corporate film, shooting in Singapore, Indonesia. Camera for a mining company.
“Mountain River Cave”, camera & photography, Quanh Binh prov.
Induction/Safety video for an energy company. Singapore.
Corporate video for a helicopter company. Shooting & production in July 2015.
Papua New Guinea, dop & aerial filming. Shooting in Pogera. Australian production. 2015.
Bush pilot in Papua New Guinea, camera, 2 reportages. UK production. 2015.
Shooting the Mekong River, Cambodia and Vietnam. Dop & aerial, German production house, 2015.
40 Years German – Vietnamese Friendship. Production and camera for 2015. German production.
Film on Anthropology. Dop, contract with US production house. Shooting in: Madagascar, Uganda, South Africa, D.R. Congo, Morocco. 2015.
Thailand reportage, camera for a German production. Bkk 2015.
Laos, nature shooting. Camera for a German production house. 2015.
Documentary film about the Onge people/tribe, Andaman Islands. Script, camera – production, 2012 – 2015.
“The Bamboo Bridge”, documentary, script, producer, camera Cambodia, 2013 – 2015.
Aerial shooting with a drone, “Conservation in Raja Ampat and West Papua”. 2012 – 2015.
“4 Photographers” – documentary, dop – French/German co production, 2015.
“The Others in the Photo”. Script, camera and production for a documentary, German production, shooting in 2014/15, editing 2015.
“Pompeji”, camera for a history documentation & further photography. Shooting in Italy, September 2015, German production house.
Ground Improvement company, construction / engineering documentation of a new construction site. Camera & production.

Peter wrote a feature film script and sold it for a mini series on photo correspondents and combat cameramen in conflict zones in Africa, 3 episodes.

Stock footage available:

Angkor Wat, Beng Mealea, Angkor Thom, Chong Kneas, Kep, Aerial Footage Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Colonial Architecture Saigon, North Uganda, Lord’s Resistance Army, UPDF, IDP Camps, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Rwenzori Mountains, Papua New Guinea, Cu Chi, Oil and Gas Images and Aerial Footage, Tropical Forest, Mekong River, Andaman Islands, Raja Ampat 2012/14, West Papua, Aerial Okavango Delta, South Sudan, Bangkok.

Further footage / photos:

Liberia: Monrovia.
Sierra Leone: Kono Province, Koidu Town, Bo, Freetown.
Uganda: Lira, Kitgum, Gulu, Entebbe, Kampala, Arua, Bundibugyo, Kasese.
Angola: Huambo, Luanda.
Dem. Rep. of Congo: Bunia, Kindo, Kisangani, Ubundu.

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www.crew-united.com projects Peter Scheid

Peter Scheid: Bosiet, Huet, Opito offshore survival trained cameraman, videographer, photographer for documentary in Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Cambodia / South East Asia – Oceania and Africa.

Peter Scheid 's current location:
Jackson Mississippi , United States

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