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giorgio cossu

Profession: photographer
Location: [undisclosed location].
Home base: naples
URL: http://www.sunuari.net
URL: http://www.photonapoli.net
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: italian, spanish, french, portuguese, dutch, english
Organization: sunuari.net
Skype: Sunuari sunuari
Mobile phone: +39/3339008015
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Member since: 30 Dec 2008 21:12


Date of Birth: 1973 / 01 / 19

Email: giorgio@sunuari.net

Website: www.sunuari.net

Artist Bio
Born in Naples (Italy) in 1973. Worked for a few years (1998-2003) as a photographer for Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
Traveled around South America pursuing a personal project about popular culture and puppet theater, mixing images and sound (music, voices, noises, etc) and a project combining photography and poetry with Mexican writer Celina Davila.
Cooperation for photographic documentation projects with the Università di Salerno, Laboratorio di Antropologia and Istituto per i beni marionettistici e il teatro popolare in Turin.
Still photographer for RAI (Public Italian Television) fictions, theater festivals and companies .
Different photographic projects in progress.
Personal exhibitions in Brazil (São Paulo), Italy (Milan, Naples, Turin, Padua), Germany (Berlin), Portugal (Oporto), France (Lion).

Publications and exhibitions:

- 2000 published in “Lolabrigida”, Mexican underground art review.
- 2002 published with Ducati “Riders” a photographic book of the reportage about the British N.G.O. Riders for Health’s work in Zimbabwe.
- 2004 exhibition of 35 pictures “The puppet theater in Brazil” for two months in the prestigious cultural center SESC Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil.
- 2006 published in Italy by “La Città del Sole” a limited edition artistic folder about the Amazon Forest “Le parole nello sguardo” (The words in the look) concerning 4 photographs illustrating 4 poems of the Brazilian poet nominated to Nobel price Marcia Theophilo.
- 2007 exhibition of “Popular culture and sugar cane culture in Brazil” for the Ethnographic film festival in Padova, Italy.
- 2007 exhibition of “Memories” about the pre-Colombian art and architecture in various countries of South America in occasion of the lyric summer season 2007 of the Teatro San Carlo di Napoli in the archeological site of the roman spa of Bacoli, Naples, Italy.
- 2007 exhibition of “Identikit of a culture” about the traditional puppet theater in the world in the historical “Schaubude Puppet Theater”, Berlin, Germany.
- 2007 exhibition about the image of the death in pre-Colombian Mexico in occasion of the altar to celebrate the days of the death build by the Italian Mexican Community inside the “Istituto Cervantes”, Naples, Italy.
- 2008 exhibition and the projection of the audiovisual “Mamulengo on View” about the Brazilian puppet theater during the street art festival Imaginarius, Oporto, Portugal.
- 2008 published the book and the DVD “Mamulengo. The Brazilian traditional puppet theater”, photos Giorgio Cossu, interviews Celina Davila, edited by Titivillus Edizioni.
- 2008 photographic exhibition and a continuous playing audiovisual “Mamulengo. The Brazilian traditional puppet theater” in the “Institute for the Puppets Goods and the Popular Theater”. Vernissage with a performance of the Master Zé Lopes from Brazil in occasion of the presentation of the book. Turin, Italy.
- 2008 exhibition in the historical Guignol Theater of part of the project “Family Portraits” about the traditional puppets in the world, Lyon, France.
- 2008 slideshow “La Entrada” with music by the Mexican composer Juan Pablo Villa, projected in the Cervantes Institute in Naples to celebrate the Mexican days of the death.
- 2009 slideshow projection “The 7 seas Hero” for the international conference for the 400th anniversary of the Neapolitan mask Pulcinella organized by the University of Salerno.
- 2010 exhibition in the IBRIT (Cultural Institute Brazil-Italy) of “Entre Canas e suor”.
- 2010 published book “The Gods, the ant and the maize”. A Mexican myth narrated by Celina Davila and illustrated by Giorgio Cossu. Edited by Ameen Books, Kuala Lumpur.


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hipsta contest.... mmmmm!

another contest that helps to kill the profession of photographer?
if this kind of prizes for a contest is given by a local amateur photoclub I can’t be agree with, but I can understand. But if it’s promoted by a brand such hipstamatic the sound changes… or I’m wrong?

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