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Gus Waschefort

Gus Waschefort

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Profession: Human Rights oriented pho
Location: Darfur , Sudan
Home base: Pretoria, South Africa
Email: •••••••• (private)
Organization: Freelance
MSN Messenger: gus.w@soas.ac.uk
Mobile phone: 0824511709
Emergency notes: •••••••• (private)
Blood type: O pos
Last login: almost 6 years ago
Member since: 09 Feb 2009 18:02


I am either: a photojournalist as a Human Rights Advocate or a Human Rights Advocate as a Photojournalist.

I am currently finishing a PhD on international law’s role in the prevention of the recruitment of child soldiers. These studies are based within the legal sciences, however, my passion, background and future lies in photojournalism and the use of visual images in the promotion of human rights ideals. My academic work falls within the realm of international humanitarian law (the law of war) as such my photography is also within the conflict genre.

I grew up in a changing South Africa – spending my formative years in apartheid South Africa – I always had great regard for the role journalists and images played in portraying the wrongs of this world (and specifically my country at the time) to the world; and I still do. Most of the images that headlined in the international media were unknown and definitely unpublished in South Africa. I was more exposed to the ‘truth’ than any other kid I knew growing up, as my father was and still is a professional photographer who was also a conflict photojournalist during the South West Africa Bush War in Angola.

I hope to contribute in ways similar to those great photographers whose work resulted in results – these results are obviously largely intangible and unquantifiable, but real nevertheless.


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