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Jason Pagan

Jason Pagan
Profession: Photo Agency President
Location: New York , United States
Home base: NYC
URL: http://www.anarchyimages.com
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Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Organization: Anarchy Images, Inc.
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Member since: 06 Dec 2004 09:12


Jason Pagan has been working in photography publishing for thirteen years. He has worked for The Bettmann Archive, Corbis and most recently Black Star as the Special Projects Director. He attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice studying Deviant Behavior and Social Control. In 2004 Jason received a certificate in Journalism from New York University and has been a guest speaker at the School of Visual Arts in New York City


My reasons for starting Anarchy Images are wholly based on my love of photography and personal vision on the direction of the photography market. I envision a community between photographers and agency. Both dedicated to providing the highest quality imagery in stock and photojournalism, where in depth journalism is nurtured and encouraged, and where the next generation of great photographers will be created.”


Recent Post

Anarchy Images and Art Start needs Your Help

Anarchy Images has partnered with a program called Art Start (www.art-start.org) to teach photojournalism and Documentary photography to low income and “At Risk”, inner city teens. The focus of the project is to show that these teens have the power to initiate personal and social change while teaching kids to be observant of the media. The program itself takes place in Manhattan but the students come from all five boroughs of New York City.

I personally will be teaching the 8-10 week course but additional volunteers/mentors are welcome. The Photography program is being done as part of the Media Works Project at Art Start. We currently have the budget for 1 entry level digital SLR and could really use everyone’s help

In order to get this project off the ground we could use your help. We are seeking any monetary donations, used working equipment donations, and volunteers.
You can donate online at:

For equipment donations and to volunteer please contact Art Start (www.art-start.org)

For a city with something like 20,000 photographers, multiple newspapers, dozens of magazines and photo agencies, there are remarkably few programs like this around. With that in mind, I ask everyone that works at any of the before mentioned (Yes even another photo agency) to bring this program to the attention of your employer or agent. You could even point out that if a small agency like Anarchy Images could get involved, why can’t they Either way, it’s a great program with some wonderful kids that could use your help.

You can even ask that your donation go to any of the programs run by Art Start.

Art Start Programs include:

1. Art in the shelters (volunteers teach art to children in homeless shelters)

2. The hip Hop Project (3 year program that teaches all aspects of the music industry to low income, inner city kids)

3. The Media Works Project

a. The Photography Program (Teaches basic photography, photojournalism and documentary photography) b. The Design Program (Teaches web design and magazine layout) c. The Writing Program (Teaches journalism and writing) d. The Video Program (Teaches filmmaking and editing)

4. The Mentor Project (Teams Volunteer Mentors with homeless children)

All donations go directly to Art Start

Art Start is a registered Non-profit

Anarchy Images operates solely in a Volunteer organizer and donator capacity.

Please post any questions here.

21 Nov 2006 20:11 | 10 replies


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