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Jean Michel Clajot

Jean Michel Clajot

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Profession: Photographer
Location: Brussels , Belgium
Home base: Belgium, Brussels
URL: http://www.jmclajot.net
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Languages spoken: French, English
Organization: Freelance - Cosmos Agency Paris
Skype: Clajotphotography clajotphotography
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Jean-Michel Clajot (b. 1971) is an independent documentary photographer. For nearly 20 years, he has focused on intimate stories about African and Asian families and subcultures. His story on the LadyBoy, Born to be a Woman, was awarded the 2011 Pride Photo Award for documentary.

As of July 2006, Clajot joined Cosmos Photo Agency (Paris) as a represented photographer, to focus on a combination of long-term personal projects, breaking news and client assignments.
Jean-Michel’s work has been published in multiple press media such as Le Monde, CNN.com, National Geographic, Newsweek, Time, Grands Reportages, China News… In 2008, the three years project “Scarifications”, photographing the Scarifications Culture in Benin, has been published in a book by Yovo Editions and shown in galleries in Brussels, Paris and Italy. The book was selected in 2008 by National Geographic for the LOOK3 Exhibit in Charlottesville, in the USA.
In 2014, “Born To be a Woman” was exhibited at the Hirado Trading Post Museum in Japan.

His photography is featured in art galleries worldwide, including Cosmos Gallery in Paris, Ikono in Brussels, the Arte Foto Festival in Italy and Visa Pour l’Image International Festival of Photojournalism.

He is currently based in Brussels, Belgium, accepting editorial and commercial work while pursuing long-term projects.

There is nothing more exciting than photographing people and places in different situations, you never know what is going to happen around the next corner….



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Recent Post

New Book Released :"Scarification"

I am pleased to announce that after many trips over a 3 years period and then 6 months in production, my first book will be
Available on August 2008.

Best Regards,


26×23 cm, 88 pages. French – English Text.

The practice of scarification seems to be as old as civilisation itself.
Anthropologists have discovered that it was the Australian Aborigines who developed it to its present form and adapted it to mark the rites of passage to adulthood. Such initiation ceremonies were essential to the functioning of Aboriginal society because they enabled each individual to know his or her place and role in that society.
Scarification spread to other cultures with varying degrees of success. Doctors in the ancient and mediaeval worlds were inspired by it to develop bleeding techniques. Later, it would be used to treat skin diseases such as rosacea.
Today, in Europe and in the United States, scarification is associated with the pathological condition called self-mutilation. Adolescents scarify themselves to “drive out” their fears and distress or to replace emotional pain with (more bearable) physical pain, or to mark their membership of a gang or other group.
Nowadays, scarification has only retained its original function, as practised by the Aborigines, in a few parts of the world, such as West Africa, especially in Northern Benin, where around forty tribes still practise it for various reasons, of which one is the most important: to tell us more about those who bear the scars.


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