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Jeff Clagg

Jeff Clagg
Profession: student/photographer
Location: Bowling Green , United States
Email: •••••••• (private)
AIM/iChat: jchilltopper
Last login: about 8 years ago
Member since: 02 Jan 2007 02:01


During the course of my 10th grade year my father took me to a skateboard tournament at Dulles Town Center Mall. I decided that I would bring along my little 35 mm camera and take pictures of the cool skateboard tricks that were being performed. As in the past I took my film roll’s to CVS to get them developed and when I got them back I was amazed of my cool images of the skateboarders up in the air and I think that is when I figured out I had a decent eye for taking photos. Junior year rolled around and I took Photo 1 and started out slow. I had a knack for being in the darkroom and developing my own film and making prints. Something about it just made me feel so relaxed and able to think freely and hone on my ideas for future photographs. I began to grow deeper into photography and took an oportunity to be Marshall’s only newspaper photographer. I did not really think it was that hard but I found myself running around with a digital camera a lot. That was during my senior year when I was also taking Photo 2, where I progressed even further into photography and making slide shows with music incorporated in the background. I decided that I wanted to continue learning about photography and when college decisions came around I was accepted at WKU and I am now a Photojournalism; New Media and Publishing major at Western Kentucky University where I have just completed my Introduction to Photography 232 Class. I am still in love with photo’s and taking pictures of people and sporting events.




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