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James J. Lee

James J. Lee

Travel History

Profession: Photojournalist
Status: www.jamesjlee.com
Location: Myrtle Beach , United States
Home base: Winston-Salem, NC
URL: http://www.jamesjlee.com
URL: http://militarytimes.com
Email: •••••••• (private)
Organization: Freelance
Journal: http://jleephoto.blogspot.com/
AIM/iChat: jleephoto
Skype: Jleephoto jleephoto
Mobile phone: 740-517-5115
Emergency notes: Contact Nancy Lee (mother) Tami (wife).
Blood type: A+
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Member since: 13 Dec 2004 16:12


I graduated from The Citadel with a BA in English 1996 and went straight into an 8-5 desk job. Bored, I returned to school in 2002, this time at Western Kentucky University, to pursue my passion. It’s been an amazing ride so far. I worked for small weekly papers while in school and obtained an internship at The Washington Times in DC before joining the staff of The Army Times Publishing Company in Nov. ’04. After multiple trips to Iraq and Afghanistan covering Army and Marine units, I left the Military Times papers in 2012 and am currently freelancing in Winston-Salem, NC.

Travel Log and Notes: 8/6/05 – Currently at the Desert Combat Outpost of Rawah, Iraq, covering Stryker units hunting foriegn insurgents near the Syrian border. 8/19/05 – Back in Kuwait City for a few days. LS’ers touch base if you’re in the area. 9/22/05 – In Houston looking for fuel, supplies and hotel in S.East. Anyone has info – give me a cell phone call 270-779-7604. 09/23/05 – Beaumont TX – hunkered down in a ballroom of the Elegante’ hotel. Come join me and the rest of the world if you’re in the neighborhood. We’ll have a beer and watch the transformers blow. Best, JLee 10/16/05 – Salt Lake City, Utah – F/A 22 Raptor deployment at Hill AFB. 11/1/05 – Ft. Benning, GA (Columbus) – traveling to Myrtle Beach SC next week. 12/13/05 – Ft. Bragg, NC – Scraping the red mud from my boots, shooting other people shooting and trying to figure how meter for explosions. Right at home. Back to to Myrtle for Christmas and Charleston to hear the Blue Dawgs on New Years. Everybody have a happy holiday. 12/23/05 – Myrtle Beach for Christmas, Charleston for New Years. See you at the Windjammer for the Blue Dawgs. Anyone coming that way, give me a shout. Merry Christmas all. 2/19/06 – Returned from visiting family friend in SC, NC and OH – heading for Iraq Tuesday Feb. 21. via Kuwait. Directions to the Baghdad Bar and Grill appreciated. 03/17/06 – Found the Blue Star in Baghdad which will have to suffice. In Iskandiriyah, Iraq now, up to 101st near Tikrit next week – check blog for updates.
In Baghdad in route to meet up with the 101st Airborne in Bayji. My personal web site is updated with a 1st batch of images from this trip. 07/06/06 – In DC cruising through Capital Hill hearings and executive portraits for a while. Updated Website with “Soldier Ride” video multi-media (my first.)
10/19/06 – Off to MB to get hitched. See you all on the dark side.
10/28/06 – Ft. Benning GA for 8 days for video coverage of Sniper competition and Combatives
01/14/06 – Kuwait City waiting on flight to Baghdad.
03/20/07 – In D.C. heading for St. Lucia, back by April 2, 2007.
04/02/07 – Back from Iraq and honeymoon at Ft. Lee, Petersburg, VA on Assignment.
11/17/07 – Working on a final multimedia project before leaving Army Times for a new home and freelance career in the Ohio River Valley. Lookout smallmouth, here I come!
12/09/07 – Four part Blood Brothers project is now live here: http://www.militarytimes.com/projects/flash/bloodbrothers/ and I’m now getting settled in Vincent, OH. Still sorting out the basement/home office and shoveling snow for the first time but can’t wait to get out and explore.
2-18-08 Singapore to cover the Asia Pacific Air Show
2-21-12 Got away from LS for a while but am back and planning an April ’12 trip to Afghanistan.



James J. Lee. Army Times , pp. 1, Aug 2 2005. "Army Times reporter Matthew Cox describes attack" Army Times , pp. 1. Aug 2 2005.


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Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last visit. Been trying to make a go of it as a freelancer and can say it’s a real struggle. That said, I’ve been using my time to study multi-media and video techniques. Everyone says that “convergence” is the way the industry is going, but I don’t see any sales models out there. Are there agencies brokering multi-media packages these days? Are newspapers & magazines hiring freelancers for assignment or is this still strictly a staff only proposition. Your views on how to go about selling multimedia journalism would be appreciated. Regards, JLee

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