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John Klukas


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Profession: Photographer, Assistant
Location: Bangkok , Thailand
Home base: New York, Bangkok
URL: http://www.45houses.com
URL: http://www.johnkphotography.com
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Member since: 30 Dec 2005 02:12


New York based. Now in Bangkok. Art, Fashion. Check out my site www.45houses.com

Also available to Digital Tech in Bangkok.


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portfolio advice

Hello all,
I have a small dilema with regards to trying to get commercial photographic work here in Bangkok and would like a little feedback from the members of this forum.  My present portfolio is filled with material which is of a different variety than the work which I desire to get.  I currently have a great deal of fine art in my portfolio (http://www.johnkphotography.com) as well as some more progressive (http://www.johnkphotography.com/4agent4/color.html) color art photography.  I desire to get fashion work, yet I don’t have any fashion images and am lacking a studio in Bangkok or the 8000 baht day rate for local studio rental.  My questions are these:

1. Is an art portfolio a one-way trip to rejection for commercial photography? 

2.Im sure that many other photographers have been in a similar situation where they are broke but need to revamp there portfolio in hopes of climbing out of photo-poverty.  Do you have any creative suggestions for putting together a new portfolio without going into massive debt by renting from out the local studios at 8000 baht per day.

3.  In the new portfolio should there be solely fashion images or should there be published work that doesnt fit the fashion bill as well?  Should there be a sole focus on fashion when trying to get fashion work or should there be some kind of balance between the more personal art images and the fashion images? 

I realize to some extent the answers to these questions will vary from one photo market to the next, but I am sure that there are some general guidelines as well.  I have already tried to get photo-assisting work here for several months, have contacted every agency in the metro area and have even tried showing up in person in order to get a chance to meet some of the local agencies and photographers.  I am quickly running out of ideas and am very grateful for any ideas or insights which other lightstalkers would be willing to share.

Thanks in advance,

18 Mar 2006 22:03 | 8 replies


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