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Jonathan Henderson

Jonathan Henderson

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Location: Istanbul , Turkey
Home base: Istanbul, Turkey
URL: http://www.jpaulphoto.com
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Languages spoken: English, Turkish
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How to determine copyright expiration

I recently came across a blog where the author used Margaret Bourke-White’s 1937 Kentucky Bread Line photo for a post concerning race relations. I was curious if he had the appropriate permission to use the photo, however, seeing as how the image was published in Life Magazine in 1937 I was curious to learn when/if an image becomes public domain. I found this http://patentpending.blogs.com/patent_pending_blog/2004/12/when_does_a_cop.html where it states if material was published between 1923 and 1963 the copyright is 28 years, renewable for 47 years, then extendable for another 20 years for a total of 95 years. How would one go about determining if Bourke-White or her estate continued the copyright? If the image continues to be copyrighted through the full 95 years it will be public domain in 2032. Or am I missing something here? And if it is still under copyright how would one obtain permission to use the image since Bourke-White is no longer living?

Like everyone here, I’m sure, using images without permission is a pet peeve of mine (I once found a photo of mine being sold as a postcard at a shop where I had enlargements done!). I was going to drop the author a note and let him know, I just want to be certain I know what I’m talking about first. Thanks.

12 Dec 2013 14:12 | 0 replies

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