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Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer

Travel History

Location: Dili , East Timor
Email: •••••••• (private)
Languages spoken: English, French
Journal: http://www.karenpalmerinafrica.blogspot.com
Skype: Karenpalmer karenpalmer
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Member since: 17 Mar 2006 02:03


I’m in East Timor, which I hope to use as a base for covering the region.

I recently returned from three years freelancing in Africa, mostly from Ghana.

At the moment I’m working on a book about my time living in a camp for women accused of witchcraft and am putting together a handbook on freelance journalism.

While in Africa, my work appeared in the Washington Times, Newsday, South China Morning Post, Newsweek, Sydney Morning Herald, South China Morning Post, Ottawa Citizen and Toronto Star. Prior to that, I worked for six years at the Toronto Star, most recently as their health reporter.



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Western Sahara

Have been asked to do something on the political situation with the Western Sahara. Anyone been there, know much about it? Any idea whether it’s possible to get a visa? Any advice is appreciated. Have been to Morocco and was hassled to within an inch of my sanity. Fearing the same.



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